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Screw oil press machine

Introduce of screw oil press machine:

Screw oil press machine is particulary suitable for people from large cities to spend less money to buy real goods.


Screw oil press machine can press sesame,walnuts,peanuts,olives,soybean,cocoa beans,pine nuts,sunflower seeds, almonds and other high oil corps.


This screw oil press machine is the latest domestic small and medium-sized oil press equipment developed and developed by the company through long-term production.


The screw oil press machine adopts multi-stage pressing and adopts a vacuum oil filtering device, which makes the purification of the hair oil fast, and realizes the low-temperature cold pressing.


Feature of screw oil press machine:

  1. The operator only need simply training;
  2. The screw oil press machineare efficient production;
  3. High oil extraction ratio, low residual oil ratio in the dry cake, this machineis new automatic screw oil press equipment.











Fuction of screw oil press machine :

  1. Reasonably structured, easy operation;
  2. Safe and reliable, saving energy;
  3. Protecting environment, low labor intensity.

Technical Parameter:

Model SL-80 SL-100 SL-125
Processing capacity 65-130kg/h 140-280kg/h 300-400kg/h
Heating power 2kw 2.2kw 2.8kw
Dimension 1700*1200*1500mm 1800*1300*1680mm 2100*1400*1700mm
Weight 780kg 1100kg 1280kg











Work process:

  • Frist,according to different raw materials, selectively shell the raw materials;
  • Second,put the baked oil seeds into the screw oil press machinefor pressing;

Whole processing line:

Sheller–Crusher–Roasting machine–Screw oil press machine–Oil filter

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