The automatic oil extraction machine is an edible oil press machine that squeezes oil from raw oil crops. According to the different ways of extracting oil, there are two types of oil extracting machines. One is a screw-type oil expeller, and the other is a hydraulic type oil press machine. The two types of oil extraction presses are widely applicable to press various materials, including peanut, walnuts, corn, soybeans, olive, palm fruit, coconut, sunflowerseed, cotton seed, flax seed, rapeseed, and others. Taizy provides oil extraction equipment with multiple models and outputs. We provide cooking oil pressing solutions for large, medium, and small plants.

Commercial oil extraction machine
Commercial Oil Extraction Machine

Commercial oil extraction machine introduction

Function: The machines use screw extrusion or hydraulic oil pressure to generate friction between the material and the machine, so as to realize the function of squeezing out the oil.

Pressing type: screw oil extraction machinery, hydraulic oil press

Suitable raw materials:peanut, soya beans, olive, palm fruit, sunflower seed, coconut, vegetable seed, corn seed, cotton seed, pine nut, walnuts, and other raw materials.


Exporting countries: France, Australia, Angola, Myanmar, Switzerland, and other countries

Automatic screw oil press machinery characteristics

The commercial screw oil press machinery squeezes the material with a screw. The processed oil enters the press chamber through the feed hopper. In the press chamber, the screw continuously rotates to extrude the material. During the extrusion process, it generates a lot of friction between the material, the screw, and the press chamber. The heat generated by friction promotes the denaturation of the protein in the material, and at the same time reduces the viscosity of the material. Therefore, the oil extraction machine improves the oil yield of the material, and the oil contained in the material is easier to squeeze out.

Automatic screw oil extractor
Automatic Screw Oil Extractor

There are hot-pressed and cold-pressed models for the screw oil extracting machines. The hot-pressed oil pressing machinery equips with a heating switch, which can heat the material during squeezing the material, thereby increasing the oil yield. Moreover, the oil press also can equip with a roasting machine. After roasting, it will also increase the oil yield of the material. The screw press model and capacity are determined by the length of the screw. The longer the screw length of the oil press, the larger its output.

Hydraulic oil extractor machine highlights

The hydraulic oil extractor machine is a batch oil press. People can only put a certain amount of material into the squeezing chamber at one time and then the machine squeezes the next batch of materials. Therefore, compared to the screw oil extraction machine, the hydraulic oil extracting machine has a smaller output. Its output ranges from 15kg/h to 90kg/h.

The hydraulic oil extractor machine is a cold-pressed oil press, which will not generate high temperatures during pressing the oil. Therefore, if your materials are hot-squeezed materials with high oil yield, you should first use the roasting machine for roasting before using the machine to extract the oil. The hydraulic oil extractor has the characteristics of convenient use, simple operation, and high oil quality. It is professional equipment for squeezing sesame, peanut, walnut kernel, almond, olive, pine nut, tea seed, and other high oil crops.

Hydraulic oil press machine2
Hydraulic Oil Press Machine

Automatic oil making equipment features

1. The commercial oil maker machine has a large output, which can meet the needs of customers for pressing materials in large quantities.

2. The automatic oil-making machine can squeeze out the oil contained in the material to a great extent. Compared with the traditional oil press, it can increase the oil extraction rate of the material.

3. Taizy machinery not only provides oil presses but also provide supporting facilities such as conveyors and oil filters. After filtering by the oil filter, it can obtain relatively pure oil.

4. Commercial edible oil making machine has low cost, small occupation of space, and wide application. It is the best machine for investment in oil extraction.

The difference between screw and hydraulic oil extracting machines

Although both screw oil press machine and hydraulic oil extracting machinery can increase the oil yield of materials and obtain purer oil. However, these two machines also have certain differences.

  • Dfference in the selection of raw materials

The friction generated by the screw press when squeezing the material will increase the temperature in the press chamber up to 200 degrees. Therefore, the materials squeezed by the screw oil extracting machine are generally hot-pressed materials, such as peanuts, soybeans, and other materials. While, the hydraulic oil making machine adopts the method of pure material squeezing, and the temperature during the squeezing process does not exceed 60 degrees. This purely physical method ensures that the pressed oil has a higher quality and is relatively pure. The hydraulic oil extraction equipment is usually used as an oil press machine for sesame, almond, walnut, avocado, and other raw materials.

Commercial oil press machine application
Commercial Oil Press Machine Application
  • Different capacities

The screw oil extractor conveys the material to the press chamber to press oil through the feed port. It can continuously add materials to the feed inlet. Therefore, the output of the screw press is generally relatively large, and its output range is 30~600kg/h. The hydraulic oil press adopts a batch pressing method, and the output is small, with 15kg/h~90kg/h.

  • Different filtering methods

The commercial oil extracting machinery can be equipped with a set of vacuum oil filtering equipment. It can squeeze oil while filtering oil. The hydraulic oil press can match with a centrifugal oil filter to filter oil.

About hot pressing and cold pressing craft

Hot or cold press oil

Hot pressing and cold pressing are two kinds of oil production processes. For hot pressing, it is a process in which materials are squeezed after high-temperature heating treatment. After high-temperature heating, the oil cells will be destroyed, the protein will be denatured, and the oil viscosity will reduce. Hot pressing is beneficial for increasing the oil yield. Cold pressing is the process of squeezing oil without heating or at low temperature. After cold pressing, the temperature of the oil is lower and the acid value is lower. Generally, the cold pressing method will get pure edible oil.

High commercial value of oil extraction machine

Edible oil is an essential product in food production, and has a broad market prospect all over the world. The oil maker machine can squeeze oil from common oil plants such as peanuts, soybeans, corn, sunflower seed, and rapeseed. And the squeezed oil is cool, bright in color, and mellow in taste. The oil extractor has small and large models. Farmers and small vendors can also buy small oil presses to press oil for sale. The emergence of the commercial oil extracting machine has provided reliable investment solutions for most customers.

Edible oil plate filter