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Oil press with conveyor

Introduce of Oil press with conveyor

This screw oil press machine with lifting system adopts automatic control of electric appliances and is an integrated combination of oil presses for heating, pressing and filtering.


This machine can automatically feed, automatically crush the oil, automatically control the oil pressing temperature, and adopt multi-stage pressing to improve the oil yield of the oil.





Technical data:

Model SL-130
Processing capacity 250-400kg/h
Heating power 22kw
Dimension 2150*1300*1550mm
Weight 1380kg











Feature of Oil press with conveyor

  1. More mature technology—This model is based on a screw press with a hoist and forced feed system.
  2. Save time and reduce costs–The hoist can feed the raw material into the hopper automatically.
  3. Safety and saving energy–The forced feeding system avoids the accumulation of too much raw material and causes the crushing part to clog. It can be more fluent in the machine operation by its own pressure.

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