Mustard seed oil is extracted from mustard seeds often by pressing method. The average oil content of mustard seeds is 38-40 percent. Mustard oil is commonly used in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal as a cooking or flavoring oil. The mustard oil extraction machine has a high oil extraction rate, and large yields and the mustard oil pressed has good oil quality. As a professional cooking oil machine manufacturer, we produce various types of mustard seed oil machines. The mustard oil expeller has various outputs, suitable for small, medium, or large oil production plants, oil workshops, etc. Our mustard oil making machine has a wide range of uses, suitable for a wide variety of oil-bearing materials like groundnut, soybean, linseeds, copra, sunflower seeds, palm kernels, castor, neem, etc.

mustard oil extraction machine overview

The traditional mustard oil pressing method requires the operator to pay heavy manual labor. In the oil residue (oil cake), the oil content is quite high, thus wasting valuable oil resources. The modern pressing method is an industrialized and automated operation, and the problem of high residual oil content in the mustard oil residue has been well resolved.

From the pretreatment of the raw mustard seeds, there are cold pressing and hot pressing. The hot pressing method has a high oil yield and strong fragrance and is used by more users. In hot pressing by a screw oil press machine, mustard seeds need to be dried and roasted before pressing. The purpose is to reduce the moisture of the raw material, increase the activity and fluidity of oil molecules, thereby improving the oil yield, and ensuring the strong fragrance of the oil.

Mustard seed and mustard oil
Mustard Seed And Mustard Oil

Advantages of Screw Mustard Oil machine

  1. This mustard oil expeller is widely used for processing rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut kernel, sesame, tea seed, sunflower seed, tung kernel, olive, coconut fruit, palm fruit (kernel), and other granular oil-bearing materials, and can also be used for rice bran, corn germ, and other materials, etc.
  2. The combination of physics and modern technology has been successfully developed after years of testing. Compared with ordinary oil presses, this new mustard oil extraction machine has the features of environmental friendliness, energy-saving, and high product added value. In the physical pressing, there is no need for any chemical materials, no environmental pollution, and no wastewater.
  3. The high degree of automation, simple installation, and simple operation
  4. The pressing chamber of the mustard oil expeller heats up quickly, so the production is efficient with high oil extraction rate. The oil yield is high, reaching from 30kg/h to 1000kg/h or more, and the energy cost is low. For different models, the screw diameter differs.
  5. Beautiful appearance, compact structure, and simple installation.
Mustard oil expeller
Mustard Oil Expeller

How is oil extracted from mustard?

The mustard seeds should be firstly separated from the mustard plants, and they are cleaned, screened, and roasted. The obtained clean, high-quality mustard seeds are processed directly by means of a screw-type mustard oil expeller plant. The obtained pressed mustard oil is then filtered to obtain edible mustard oil. During pressing, the oil cake can also be obtained. The oil cake can be used as animal feed.

As far as the specific process is concerned: when the mustard oil enters the press chamber of the mustard oil extraction machine, the pressure increases with the rotation of the screw. With the extrusion of the oil, the seed material is continuously squeezed and deformed by mutual pressure. In this way, after being squeezed out by the screw shaft in the pressing chamber, the pressed material forms the oil cake. Due to the dual effects of temperature and pressure during pressing, the protein will properly change its original properties, so as to ensure that good oil is squeezed out.

Video of oil extraction process

cold pressed mustard oil machine

Cold pressing means that the raw materials are directly put into the oil press to squeeze out the oil without roasting or heating. This method needs a hydraulic oil press machine, which can produce mustard oil with a relatively light color, which better retains the aroma and original nutrients of the oil, but the oil yield rate is not very high. The oil extracted by the cold pressed mustard oil machine has the characteristics of pure and excellent oil quality and long-lasting fragrance. The hydraulic pressure of the mustard oil extraction machine rises rapidly during the pressing process. The pressure loss is small, the force is uniform, and the mustard oil purity can reach 98.8-99.2%. The pressure and temperature of the machine can be preset, the machine is automatically controlled during the working process, and the whole process of oil extraction can be done by one person, which effectively saves manpower.

Cold press oil extractor
Cold Press Oil Extractor

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