In modern society, more and more people are paying attention to the quality and safety of edible oils. Cottonseed oil, as one kind of the popular oils, is favored for its unique nutrition, benefits, and wide application in the food, chemical, and cosmetic industries. The use of an advanced automatic screw oil press machine to start an oil-making business has brought good economic returns to people. What is the automatic screw-type cotton seed oil making machine? What are the advantages and operation of the automatic cotton seed oil expeller machine?

Introduction to cottonseed oil

Final cotton seed oil
Final Cotton Seed Oil

Cottonseed oil is the oil extracted from cotton seeds. A common extraction method is physically pressing cotton seeds. The pressed cottonseed oil is called crude cottonseed oil. The by-product obtained after oil extraction is cottonseed oil cake/residue. After refining, the finished edible cottonseed oil is obtained. The color of cottonseed oil is darker than other oils. The refined cottonseed oil removes toxic substances such as gossypol and can be eaten by humans and contains a large amount of essential fatty acids. Because the content of linoleic acid in cotton clear oil is particularly high, it can effectively inhibit the rise of cholesterol in the blood and maintain the health of the human body. The absorption rate of cotton clear oil by the human body is 98%.

Outstanding features of cotton seed oil press

Cotton seed oil machine
Cotton Seed Oil Machine
  • High oil yield and large output. The cottonseed oil machine is advanced in design and adopts a screw shaft inside, which increases the stroke of the raw material, and the extrusion force on the raw material will increase, which can effectively improve the oil yield and can squeeze cleanly. The oil output reaches from 50-1000kg/h.
  • Automatic temperature control, easy to operate. By automatically controlling the temperature, the actual oil yield can be increased by 10-30%.
  • Made of stainless steel, the cotton seed oil making machine is clean, durable, and easy to clean.
  • Vacuum filtration, fewer impurities, and good oil quality. The cotton seed oil press can be equipped with two vacuum oil filter barrels for filtration.
  • Wide range of uses and small footprint. The cottonseed oil extraction machine is widely used for pressing peanuts, soybeans, rapeseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, camellia seeds, etc.

Cotton seed oil making machine extraction process

Pressing cottonseed oil requires pretreatment equipment and pressing equipment. The function of the pretreatment equipment is to adjust the temperature, humidity, and other properties of the cottonseed so that the cottonseed can reach the best conditions for oil extraction, so as to facilitate the extraction of more oil.

Oil extraction process of cotton seed oil making machine: the processed cottonseed is put into the pressing chamber of the cottonseed oil extraction machine. The press chamber of the cottonseed oil extraction plant rotates, and the internal pressure increases. The cottonseed is continuously squeezed with the extrusion of the oil, and the mutual pressure between the particles causes the deformation of the cottonseed material. After being squeezed out of the cotton seed oil expeller machine, the cottonseed press material forms a compact solid called a cottonseed oil cake. During pressing, the protein in cottonseed will continue to denature due to the dual effects of temperature and pressure. The appropriate degree of protein denaturation can ensure that good cottonseed oil can be squeezed out.

Cotton seed oil cake
Cotton Seed Oil Cake

How to make cold-pressed cottonseed oil?

Cold-pressed cottonseed oil can be extracted by a hydraulic oil expeller. A cold cotton seed oil press is an oil extraction machine that uses hydraulic oil to pressurize and transmit pressure through an oil pump. The cold-pressed cottonseed oil has good oil quality, high oil yield, does not generate temperature during the cold-pressing process, does not destroy the organic components of the oil, and contains fewer impurities, and the value of the oil cake is high.

The following is the cotton seed oil refining machine. The cotton seed oil refining process mainly includes degumming, deacidifying, decoloring, deodorizing, and dewaxing.

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