Soybean oil press Machine | screw type soybean oil expeller

Soybean oil press machine is also called screw oil press. The soybean oil press adopts advanced oil extraction technology and serves as a new generation of energy-saving oil pressing equipment. The soybean oil expeller has many outstanding features, including high oil extraction rates, large capacity, high-quality oil product, and wide application. Apart from soybean, the soybean oil press extractor is also suitable for peanuts, palms, rapeseed, sunflower seed, corn germ, etc.

soybean oil press
soybean oil press

The characteristics of soybean oil press machine

  1. Energy-saving: reducing the electric consumption by 40% with the same output on average.
  2. High output and labor-saving: The soybean oil press machine can realize automatic production with easy operation.It just needs one worker to operate the machine. Genearlly, the output can reach from 30kg/h to 600kg/h.
  3. Wide application: applicable to a great variety of oil-bearing crops, like sesame, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, flax seed and other more than 20 kinds of raw materials.
  4. Pure oil quality: the vacuum filtration system can remove the residue to ensures pure oil quality.
  5. Small footprint: the oil workshop only needs 10-20 square meters to meet the production need.

Soybean Oil Press working principle

The working principle of the screw type soybean oil expeller is to push the oil-bearing crops forward through the rotation of the screw shaft inside the equipment. As the gap between the screw shaft and the press chamber becomes smaller and smaller, the pressure on the soybean becomes larger and larger. When the pressure is greater than the limit that the material can bear, the soybean oil is squeezed out and flows out of the outlet hole of the press chamber.

Soybean Oil composition and Nutritional value

Soybean oil contains 7-10% palmitic acid, 22-30% oleic acid, 2-5% stearic acid, 50-60% linoleic acid, 1-3% arachidic acid, 5-9% linolenic acid. Soybean oil is rich in linoleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce blood lipid and cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases to a certain extent. Besides, soybean oil does not contain aflatoxin and cholesterol and has a protective effect on the body. In addition, the phospholipids in soybean oil are beneficial to the development and growth of nerves, blood vessels, and the brain. However, excessive consumption of soybean oil will still have a certain impact on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular factors.

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