Corn Oil Extraction machine | Maize Germ Oil Press Machine

The corn oil extraction machine, also known as screw oil press machine, is used for the mechanical pressing of corn germ oil. The corn germ oil press machine adopts directional pressure bearing and multi-stage propulsion to realize high oil yield. Scientific heating, automatic control of pressing temperature, high quality of pressed corn oil are among the outstanding features. The corn germ oil extraction machine also has exquisite structure, less space occupation, easy operation, and maintenance, sanitary materials, and strong durability to ensure continuous work. The corn germ oil press machine is also applicable to other materials, like peanuts, soybean, coconut, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, cottonseed, tea seed, etc.This corn germ oil expeller is often used in small, medium or large-sized oil plants, oil workshops, etc.

Corn Oil Extraction Machine highlights

  • Automatic temperature control function.
  • High oil quality. Multistage pressurized propulsion and vacuum filters are installed to reach high extraction efficiency and oil quality.
  • A wide range of uses. It can squeeze peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, palm, sesame, tea seed, castor, almond, flaxseed, and other oil crops.
  • Compact design, convenient installation, durability.
  • The screw press can be used for cold pressing and hot pressing, which can meet a variety of needs of users.
Maize oil making machine
Maize Oil Making Machine

corn germ oil expeller structure

This corn oil extraction machine mainly comprises the 5 parts.The automatic control system mainly include the temperature controller, circuit automatic protection device, air switch, etc.The adjusting section of the maize oil pressing machine has adjusting screw, adjusting nut, handle, locking nut, etc.The heating and pressing section of the maize germ oil expeller involves the heater, pressing screw, etc.The transmission part contains the shaft, belt pulley, reduction gearbox, motor pulley, etc. The vacuum oil filtering system involves vacuum pump, oil filtering barrel, pipeline, etc.

Corn germ oil extraction machine structure 1
Corn Germ Oil Extraction Machine Structure 1

Working principle of maize germ oil expeller

After the corn germs enter the press chamber of the corn oil extraction machine from the hopper, the press screw continuously pushes the materials inward. Under the high pressure in the press chamber, there is a great friction resistance between the materials, the press screw and the press chamber. Because the diameter of the press screw is gradually thickened and the pitch is gradually reduced, there is also a relative movement of each germ particle in the press chamber of maize oil making machine. The heat generated by friction meets the heat necessary for the oil pressing process, and improves the oil yield. After the corn oil is pressed out, it flows out from the gap.

Parameter (TZ-80A)

Corn oil expeller parameter 1


Screw diameter:80mm






Corn Oil Market Prospect

Nowadays, people pay more attention to the relationship between diet and health, and gradually favor natural nutrition for health care development. Therefore, developing healthier food has shown significance and broad prospects in the world. Corn oil is a high-quality nutritional and healthy vegetable oil. It has unique color and aroma and has considerable stability in deep frying. Corn is one of the edible oil for many countries and become more and more popular. Corn oil is a by-product of corn deep processing. With the rapid development of corn deep processing, the output of corn oil is gradually increasing, which plays an important role in people’s life and economic development.

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