The extraction of palm oil by pressing is a mature and commonly used technology in the oil market. A palm oil screw press can efficiently extract palm oil to the greatest extent, which meets the market demand for palm oil extraction. Besides palm pulp and palm kernels, the palm oil screw press machine is applicable to other oily raw materials, like walnuts, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, almonds, rapeseed, walnut coconut, hemp, linseed, cottonseed, etc. With different outlets, the palm oil expeller is suitable for oil processing lines or small, medium, or large oil processing plants. The screw oil extractor is one of our best sellers in the world market.

General Introduction To Palm Oil Processing Steps

Palm oil comes from the palm fruits on palm oil trees. Palm pulp is rich in water and lipase. After the palm fruit is collected, it needs to be steam-sterilized and separated from the fruit bundles, then pressed to obtain crude palm oil. Crude palm oil can be refined to obtain high-quality edible oil. Also, palm oil cake pressed after pressing involves fibers and palm kernel which can also be pressed to be palm kernel oil.

Palm Oil Screw Press Machine Structure Details

The automatic palm oil screw press mainly contains the electric control device, the automatic heating part, the adjustment and transmission parts, and the vacuum oil filtering drums. The power unit of the palm oil extraction machine drives the rotation of the screw of the screw shaft. Meanwhile, the raw materials are pushed forward and pressed under great pressure. The screw surface has the characteristics of high hardness and wear resistance, ensuring a long service life. The press row is crushed by surface crusher to ensure the precision of the oil line and improve the oil yield. Standard components such as power distribution, vacuum and auto heater parts are well-known brands. The surface of the machine is made of stainless steel, which meets food hygiene standards.

Screw oil press machine
Screw Oil Press Machine

Outstanding Features of Palm Oil Extraction Machine

The palm oil screw press machine has many outstanding advantages and is becoming more and more popular in the market.

  • High oil yield – compared with the old equipment, the normal oil yield is high, and the economic benefit is very considerable.
  • Energy saving – energy consumption is reduced by 40% compared to traditional press equipment with the same output.
  • Automatic temperature control – improve oil processing speed
  • Pure oil quality – vacuum oil filter can remove impurities. The pressed oil has a natural flavor and meets hygienic requirements.
  • Space Saving – The palm oil expeller takes up a small area.
Palm oil expellers
Palm Oil Expellers

Parameter of palm oil screw press machine(6TZ-100)

vacuum pump1.1 kw

The 6TZ-100 Model is a common one of our palm oil screw presses. The oil output reaches about 140-280kg per hour. The palm oil machine is often equipped with two vacuum oil filter barrels. We also provide other models with different capacities to meet the needs of customers. Besides, customized services are also available. If you have an interest in the equipment, welcome to send us your specific demand.