What factors affect oil yield in using a Screw oil expeller?

The oil yield is a matter of great concern to oil producers and affects their profits. The oil yield of a screw oil press is directly related to the oil content and the pretreatment of raw materials, oil extraction methods, and operation methods. In the process of operating a screw oil expeller, there are many factors affecting the oil yield. Here are several major factors for reference.

The quality & cleanliness of raw materials

The state of raw oil-bearing materials, including plumpness, impurity rate, and variety, directly affects the overall oil yield. According to the situation of raw oil-bearing materials, a series of treatments need to be done in advance, such as selecting raw materials with full particles and screening out impurities in the materials. All these will improve the oil extraction rate of oil plants.

Raw material moisture

If the water content of the oil-bearing materials before pressing is not regulated in place during proper operation of the screw oil expeller, the oil production will be affected. It is possible to develop lumps and hinder oil output if the moisture level is too high. On the contrary, the water content is too low, and the material is prone to become powdery while pressing, causing the press chamber to become clogged. The oil is squeezed optimally when the water content of the pressed material reaches a particular degree. There is an ideal water range for various pressed materials, which is also connected to other elements such as temperature and protein denaturation degree.

Raw Materials Temperature and pressing Temperature

The temperature of raw material and pressing temperature not only affect the oil production but also affect the quality of oil and oil cake. Therefore, the temperature also has an “optimal range”. Similarly, if the raw material temperature is too high, the oil color becomes darker, which affects the quality of the oil. On the contrary, when the temperature is too low, normal physical and chemical reactions cannot be formed. In addition, when operating the screw oil expeller, the corresponding temperature should be set reasonably according to the characteristics of specific materials. Therefore, controlling the temperature of raw materials and pressing can effectively improve the oil output.

Pressing duration and times of screw oil expeller

Pressing time can affect the oil yield. The pressing time should not be too long, otherwise, more heat loss will affect the oil production capacity. After pressing, consider whether to press multiple times by checking the thickness of the oil cake. Generally, the thickness reaches about 0.8-2mm.

Oil cake
Oil Cake

In addition to the above points, other factors may also affect the oil yield of a screw oil press machine, such as unsmooth screw shaft or cake outlet, hot press or cold press methods, etc. If you have any questions or requirements about the screw oil press, welcome to get in touch with us.

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