Sunflower oil is a kind of high nutritional edible oil with large market demand and broad investment prospects. The sunflower oil production plant adopts advanced physical pressing technology and refining equipment and makes the first-grade sunflower oil, which can be directly sold. The processing steps of the sunflower oil production line mainly include roasting, pressing, filtering, refining and filling. The production line has a high degree of automation, various outputs, and high oil quality. The sunflower oil processing machine is suitable for small and medium-sized oil extraction factories or workshops.

Sunflower oil and industrial process overview

Food-grade sunflower oil
Food-Grade Sunflower Oil

Because sunflower oil contains about 66% “linoleic acid”, it is known as the “healthy nutritional oil” in the 21st century, and its nutritional value is extremely high. It has the effect of lowering blood cholesterol, preventing and curing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Sunflower seeds can be extracted from high-grade edible sunflower oil with low cholesterol.

Sunflower seeds are mainly divided into ordinary sunflower seeds and oil sunflower seeds. Ordinary sunflower seeds are processed into dried fruits for sale, and oil sunflower seeds are more suitable for processing and extracting sunflower oil. The processing of sunflower oil, due to its high oil content, is usually carried out in the industry by pressing techniques. According to the different quality and oil content of oil sunflower in different places, the oil yield of sunflower seeds (oil sunflower) is 32%-42%. From the perspective of oil processing equipment, it is mainly a matter of choosing a sunflower seed oil press and refining equipment.

Introduction to sunflower oil production plant and features

There are two ways to squeeze sunflower oil from sunflower seeds: cold pressing and hot pressing. Cold pressing is to directly press sunflower seeds with a sunflower oil press after pretreatment, but the oil yield of cold-pressed oil is not high. Also, the oil produced is not rich in flavor, and water content is high, not easy to store. Hot pressing has one more roasting process than cold pressing, so the hot-pressed sunflower oil has a higher oil yield and a stronger fragrance. In the sunflower oil processing industry, the hot pressing method is usually used with the sunflower seed roaster machine. Hot pressing sunflower oil with a screw press is more common, and the actual oil quality is good.

The refining of sunflower oil is equally important. The sunflower oil preliminarily squeezed by the oil press is not recommended to be eaten directly, and it does not meet the national standard for sunflower seed edible oil. Crude sunflower oil contains some impurities, including peptizing impurities, free fatty acids, pigments, odors, waxes, etc. Crude sunflower oil needs to be refined to obtain high-quality sunflower oil that meets national standards. It can only be sold to some retail investors or oil mills for further processing. To produce high-quality first-class sunflower oil and expand sales, sunflower oil refining equipment is essential.

What are the general sunflower oil processing steps?

Sunflower oil production plant
Sunflower Oil Production Plant
  • Step 1, Rosting (Heat Treatment)

Heat treatment is one of the most important processes in the process of extracting oils and fats. Materials that are pressed after roasting are called hot pressing, and those that are not subjected to heat treatment are called cold pressing. Sunflower seeds are mainly hot pressed, and the effect of heat treatment has a direct impact on the smooth progress of the entire oil production process, the level of oil yield, and the quality of oil products and cakes. It is best to choose the oil sunflower seeds that are one month after harvesting. The hot pressed oil sunflower can be pressed evenly when it reaches 70% or 80% roasting degree, with the highest oil yield and very fragrant oil.

  • Step 2, Pressing

The round bar of the sunflower oil press in the sunflower oil production plant has a zigzag curve and a conical surface. When the oil sunflower is pressed, it is pushed and squeezed by the squeezing snail, so that the inner wall space of the squeezing snail and the squeezing cage is continuously reduced. The blanks are alternately pressed and loosened here, and the structure of the blanks is continuously adjusted to be evenly turned, so that the unpressed oil or the blanks with less oil have more chances to be fully pressed.

  • Step 3, Filtering

The sunflower oil squeezed by the automatic sunflower oil press contains a certain amount of oil residue. In order to improve its purity, the sunflower oil machine is equipped with two vacuum oil filter barrels. The filtered oil has less oil foam, and it is clear and translucent, and the oil fragrance is overflowing.

  • Step 4, Refining

The refining process of sunflower oil in the sunflower oil production plant mainly includes five parts: degumming, deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization (dewaxing). The function of degumming is to remove peptizing impurities from the crude sunflower oil. Deacidification works by removing free fatty acids from hairy sunflower oil. Free fatty acids can lead to rancidity in sunflower oil. The function of decolorization is to remove the pigment in the hairy sunflower oil, so that the color meets the national standard. The function of deodorization is to remove the odor in the hairy sunflower oil. The function of dewaxing is to remove the wax in the hairy sunflower oil and improve the quality of the oil.

  • Step 5, filling

Fully automatic sunflower oil filling machines ensure efficient and precise filling. The automatic oil packaging machine meets food processing safety standards and saves great labor.

Machine details of sunflower oil processing plant

Pretreatment machine: sunflower thresher

sunflower seed roasting machine

Sunflower seed roaster
  • Automatic temperature control
  • High roasting efficiency
  • Uniform roasting effect
  • Electric and gas heating available

sunflower oil press machine

Sunflower oil press 1
  • High oil extraction rate
  • Large oil output
  • Pure and quality oil quality
  • Oil filtering system

sunflower oil refinery plant

Sunflower oil refinery plant 1
  • Complete refining process
  • Advanced refinery technology
  • First-grade cooling oil
  • Large capacities

sunflower oil filling machine

Sunflower oil filling machine
  • Accurate filling volume
  • High filling speed
  • Food-grade machine materials
  • Various feeding heads

The automatic filling machine adopts step-less frequency conversion speed regulation and runs smoothly. After filling, the filling head adopts a vacuum suction type or receiving tray device to ensure no pollution. The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which meets food processing safety standards.

Parameter of sunflower oil production plant

OrderItemTechnical data
1sunflower seed roasterModel: TZ -100
Motor power:1.1kw  
Heating power:18kw
Temperature 0 –300°
2sunflower oil extraction machineModel: SL-80A
Screw diameter:80mm
3sunflower oil refinery plantModel: TZ-75A
4sunflower oil filling machineFilling capacity: (2 heads)240KG-960KG
Filling volume :500-3000ml
Hopper volume:350L

The table shows some of the models of our sunflower oil processing plant. For each machine, there are a series of models or types to meet the demands of customers with small, medium or large outputs. If there are special requirements, our company can provide tailed services.

advantages of sunflower oil production line

  • Reasonable investment, easy operation and small footprint.
  • High automation of sunflower oil equipment, the production efficiency is high, and labor costs are saved.
  • The oil extraction technology is advanced, the oil yield is high, with sound economic benefit.
  • The processed sunflower oil is of high quality and can reach the standard of first-class edible oil.
  • The sunflower oil production plant has a variety of uses, but also the processing of other oil-bearing materials, such as peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, etc.

How do you start a sunflower oil plant?

1. When investing in a sunflower oil processing project, no matter the scale of the project, it is recommended to find a powerful sunflower oil production plant manufacturer for assistance. Taize has rich experience in the manufacture of edible oil processing machinery and a large number of transaction cases, and is a powerful assistant for the majority of users to invest in the construction of oil plants. We provide technicians for process design, machine installation, commissioning, and personnel training. Our oil processing machines have been installed in a large number of countries and brought customers great benefits.

2. In terms of investment scale, for investors with limited conditions and low budgets, they can start with small investments, such as opening an oil mill plant. It has more flexible processing.

3. To invest in a sunflower seed oil production plant, the first is the choice of a sunflower oil press. For sunflower oil pressing, most users will choose a screw press.

4. In order for the sunflower oil processed by the user to have a wider market, it is recommended to set a refining oil process, which can refine the pressed sunflower oil to the first-class sunflower oil standard.