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peanut oil press production line

Peanut oil light yellow transparent, bright color, fragrance, taste delicious, is a relatively easy to digest cooking oil. Peanut oil contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids (including 41.2% oleic acid and 37.6% linoleic acid). It also contains 19.9% saturated fatty acids such as palmitic acid, stearic acid and arachidonic acid. The fatty acid composition of peanut oil is better and is easy for human body to digest and absorb. The fatty acid composition of peanut oil is better and is easy for human body to digest and absorb. Introduce according to foreign data, use groundnut oil, can make cholesterol inside human body decomposes bile acid to go out side by side outside body, reduce the content of cholesterol in plasma thereby. In addition, peanut oil also contains sterol, wheat germ phenol, phospholipid, vitamin E, choline and other substances beneficial to human body. Often edible peanut oil, can prevent skin to wrinkle crack ageing, protect blood-vessel wall, prevent thrombosis, concomitance prevents arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. The choline in peanut oil, still can improve the memory of human brain, defer cerebral function to decline. Cleaning — peeling — stir-frying — pressing — filtering — finished peanut oil;

Operation instructions:

1. cleaning and drying of peanuts: it is inevitable that some impurities are carried in the peanuts entering the oil plant. If the soil, stems and leaves and other sundries carried in peanut fruits are not removed, they will not only affect the quality of oil and cake meal, but also absorb part of the oil and reduce the oil yield. If there is sand, stone, metal, hemp rope and other sundries sandwiched in the peanut, it will cause wear and tear of the machine parts, induce production accidents, and affect the process effect. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth production, we must try to remove impurities, individual high water content of peanut, in order to shell convenient, dry treatment is also very necessary. There are many methods of cleaning, which can be used according to the situation of impurities. If the impurities are light, such as grass, stems and leaves, etc., the method of air selection can be used to blow away the impurities. If the impurity particles are small, the impurity can be removed by selecting. For some impurities of similar size and relative density to peanuts, if they are clay blocks, they can be rubbed and crushed in the mud machine and then removed by screening method. If it is an iron impurity, it can be separated by electromagnet or permanent magnet. After cleaning, the impurity content should be below.
2.  shell stripping: the purpose of shell stripping before oil extraction is to reduce the absorption of oil by the shell and improve the oil yield; It can improve the processing capacity of oil press and reduce the wear and tear of oil press equipment. To improve the quality of crude oil; It can improve the quality of cake and be beneficial to comprehensive utilization.
3.  heat treatment (being) : before frying pan fry seed, the peanut soaked again, Fried seeds in the process, the kernel and stir-fry until eight mature, with the hand, reach the kernel, separation, the kernel with pale yellow, the temperature about 130 ℃, 1-2% moisture, cake thickness 0.7 1.2 mm, it is bread long wrinkles, the oil flow. The effect of heat treatment has a direct influence on the smooth process of oil production, the oil yield and the quality of oil products and cake meal. The process of heat treatment is cancelled in the cold pressing process, but it needs to be pressed twice in the pressing process. In fact, the first pressing process is also a process of heating. The oil rate of cold pressing is low and the fragrance is much lighter.
4. press: peanut oil press temperature controller adjustment to squeeze the required temperature 120 ℃, 180 ℃ (according to oil) heat heating switch to open to the host location, and the machine heat to heat up, when the green light, red light out on the temperature controller, when the temperature rise of the machine to set the temperature, and the red light green light, the temperature of the machine is a automatic control and maintain the set temperature, winter low temperature, the heating switch open to host all heating position, make the oil pan temperature, easy oil left. There is a certain relationship between pressing time and oil output efficiency. It is generally believed that the peanut oil press takes a long time to press and the oil flow is relatively diffuse, but the pressing time should not be too long, or the heat loss will be more, but the oil output efficiency and production capacity will be affected. Therefore, under the premise of satisfying the oil output efficiency, the press time should be shortened as far as possible. The residence time of the material embryo in the press chamber mainly depends on the rotating speed of the screw shaft, followed by the old and new degree of the screw ring and the thickness of the cake. For some oil with high oil content, the press time can be extended appropriately, and the appropriate speed should be selected.

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