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Hydraulic oil press is also called cold press, which mainly uses hydraulic oil to press oil. The squeezed oil will maintain the nutrients of the raw materials and is relatively pure

Hydraulic oil press machine manufacturer

The hydraulic oil press machine, also called cold oil presses, is one of the types of our automatic oil extraction machine. Its application includes sesame, olive, almond, canola seed, walnut, coconut, pine nut, perilla, camellia seed, cocoa butter/cocoa oil, sunflower seed, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, etc. Because it mainly adopts the hydraulic oil level pressure to squeeze the oil, and it does not generate high temperature. The oil squeezed by the commercial hydraulic oil press is pure. It maintains the nutrition of the material and the color is bright. The automatic hydraulic cold-pressed oil machine has simple oil extraction procedures, so it is easy to operate. It has high oil extraction efficiency. Moreover, the oil press machine occupies a small area and can press oil anytime and anywhere, making it an ideal oil press. There are general type hydraulic oil press and large capacity hydraulic oil press for sale.

Hydraulic oil press machine1
Hydraulic Oil Press Machine1

The characteristics of cold hydraulic oil press machine

The commercial hydraulic oil press machine mainly extracts oil by purely physical cold pressing. Compare with the screw oil press machine, it will not generate high temperature to damage materials’ protein and nutrients during the oil extraction process. Therefore, the oil squeezed out by the cold-pressed hydraulic oil press can ensure the original color and flavor of the oil. Then, the hydraulic press machine for oil extraction is suitable for pressing high-grade oils with high nutritional value such as olive oil and linseed oil. Now, many oil mills also use hydraulic oil presses to squeeze peanuts, soybeans, and rapeseed to make the oil taste better.

Hydraulic oil press machine2
Hydraulic Oil Press Machine2

Description of hydraulic oil extraction machine

1.The hydraulic oil extraction machine is mainly used for: olive, sesame, walnut kernel, tea seed, pine seed (good peeling effect), almond, rapeseed, peanut, soybean, rice germ, cottonseed, flax, sunflower seed, tung seed, etc.

2. This hydraulic oil press machine adopts an automatic control system, preheating temperature automatic control, and hydraulic system pressure automatic control..

3. The completely automatic hydraulic oil extractor can extract oil efficiently. Its operation is simple and the oil extraction rate is high.

4. This hydraulic oil press machinery is very popular because of the emergence of this advanced technology, which replaces the previous manual press and greatly increases the output.

Hydraulic olive oil cold press machine
Hydraulic Olive Oil Cold Press Machine

Feature of hydraulic oil extraction press

  • This hydraulic oil extraction press machine is small in size, small in floor space. It is easy to learn, operate and has no special requirements for operators.
  • Energy-saving, compared with a traditional oil press, 50% energy can be saved under the same output.
  • The pressure generated by the hydraulic oil can squeeze the oil out of the raw materials to the greatest extent, and increase the oil yield.
  • The hydraulic oil press machine squeezes the raw materials in batches to ensure the output and production efficiency of the oil.
  • This machine can not only used lonely but also can combine with the roasting machine, hoist, oil filter, and other machines to form an oil pressing production line.

Several raw materials oil extraction rate

Oil PlantsTime/timeweigh/time10-hour produceOil Yield
Pine Nut6-8min6-8KG310-610KG45%-60%

Oil press machine technical parameter

Feeding Diameter180mm230mm260mm320mm
Oil cake diameter180mm230mm260mm320mm
Heating Range2kw2kw2kw2kw
Heating oil control temperature70-10070-10070-10070-100
Pressing Time7 min8 min10min10 Min
Capacity(Per time)2-3kg7-8kg10-12kg15kg

hydraulic cold-pressed oil machine working process

  1. Place the hydraulic cold-pressed oil machine on stable ground, check whether the wiring is correct and turn on the power.
  2. Turn on the temperature control switch and set the temperature. After the temperature rises to about 70 degrees, place a mat in the barrel. Put the processed raw materials in the barrel, fill it up and close the lid to start squeezing.
  3. After the squeezing stops, take out the oil cake according to the instructions in the operation manual, and place the piston down to start the second squeeze.
Hydraulic oil extraction machine with filter
Hydraulic Oil Extraction Machine With Filter

Large capacity hydraulic oil press

A double-barrel hydraulic oil press is a professional industrial oil extraction machine with large output and wide use.

Application range of large capacity hydraulic oil extraction machine

Cold pressing: sesame, olives, pine seed, almonds, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, walnuts, camellia seeds, macadamia nuts, etc.
Hot pressing: peanut, soya bean, wheat germ, corn germ, etc.

Note: The large-capacity hydraulic oil press is suitable for both cold pressing and hot pressing. For hot pressing, the raw material should be roasted first before putting it to the feeding port.

Oil crops
Oil Crops

Double barrel hydraulic oil press structure

The main parts of this oil machine mainly include piston, hydraulic cylinder, column, movable upper beam, base, oil pump, and barrel.

Double barrel hydraulic oil press machines
Double Barrel Hydraulic Oil Press Machines

Large capacity hydraulic oil press parameter

ModelCapacityPowerSizeWorking pressure

Features of double-barrel hydraulic oil extractor

  1. Small area occupied by the machine
  2. Exquisite appearance and reasonable design
  3. Wide application range
  4. Oil cakes can be reused: oil cakes can be made for animal feed.
  5. High pressure: Working pressure reaches 30-55MPa
  6. High oil yield: The machine adopts the principle of propulsion and pressurization to rapidly increase the pressure in the press chamber, making the oil separation at one time and high oil yield.
  7. Good oil quality: in the pure physical pressing, there is no high temperature generated in the cold pressing process. Thus, there is no damage to the organic components of the oil and the oil cake value is high.
  8. Convenient operation and high efficiency: with mechatronics design and high degree of automation, it takes not more than 20 minutes from loading to discharging.
  9. Customization service available.
Double barrel hydraulic oil press
Double Barrel Hydraulic Oil Press

Regular maintenance of hydraulic oil extractor

During the frequent operation, it deserves to pay attention to effective maintenance measures of the cold oil press extractor.

Video of hydraulic oil press machine


How much oil a hydraulic oil press machine can squeeze in an hour?

It is mainly determined by the raw material and the model of the machine.

How to operate the machine?

It is easy to operate it, we will send you the operation video and manual of the machine after the deal.

Which will get more oil by the screw and hydraulic oil press?

Screw and hydraulic have two different pressing methods, which need to be judged according to different materials. For example, to process sesame, a hydraulic oil press can get more oil.

Do you need a roaster machine to cook raw materials when using the oil extraction machine?

Yes, it needs a roaster to cook for the hot-pressed raw materials.

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