Walnut oil press machine

Walnut oil press machine

Walnut oil is an edible vegetable oil that uses walnut kernels as raw materials and is physically pressed. With the walnut oil cold press machine, the final walnut oil can well preserve the nutrients and has good color and flavor.

Canola Oil Press | Rapeseed Oil Press Machine For Sale

Canola oil press

The canola oil press is designed to extract oil from rapeseed plants. Our canola oil extraction machine has two types: canola screw press and canola oil cold press machine, which can achieve both hot pressing and cold pressing.

Cold & Hot Pressed Coconut Oil Making Machine For sale

Coconut oil making machine

The coconut oil in people’s everyday life is mostly through the hot press after cleaning, crushing, and heating, which has brought a series of changes in the material inside. The hot pressing method is suitable for pressing various oil-bearing plants and improving the oil yield efficiency. A coconut oil making machine, also known as a screw oil press, is a professional solution for coconut oil extraction.