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Centrifugal oil filter uses centrifugal force to filter impurities and water in various kinds of oil. The centrifugal oil cleaning machine is suitable for the purification of vegetable oil (palm oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, tea seed oil, etc., as well as lubricating oil of mechanical equipment and diesel oil to improve the oil purity. Centrifugal oil filter is often connected with oil extraction machines in the oil processing industry.

filtered edible oil of different kinds
filtered edible oil of different kinds

Centrifugal oil filter advantages

The centrifugal oil cleaning machine has many outstanding advantages.

  • Efficient filtering. The filtering speed is high. It finishes filtering every 3-4 minutes. The oil filtering amount is 15-25kg each time, and the oil residue is cleaned every 1000kg, which is convenient to operate.
  • Simple operation and long service life. Compared with other equipment, it can work for a long term with stable operation, and there is no need to clean or replace filter cloth.
  • Energy-saving. After the power supply is started, let the drum reaches the normal speed. Then, cut off the power supply. The oil filter begins to filter oil by using the centrifugal force of the drum.
  • Safety and labor-saving. The operation of the machine is safe and it is easy to operate.
Centrifugal oil filter details
Centrifugal oil filter details

Structure and working principle

As for the centrifugal oil filter working principle, it follows the principle of centrifugal force to realize the filtration of edible oil. Different substances are stratified under the high-speed rotation of the motor. During this time, the filter residue such as water and impurities attaches to the cylinder wall of the filter cylinder, and the oil is in the innermost layer. When the motor stops running, the oil flows out first.

The vertical centrifugal oil filter is equipped with a safety protection device so that the rotating body does not leave the motor-connected body when rotating at a high speed. The thoughtful and meticulous design makes the machine run smoothly, with high safety performance and excellent filtering effect.

Centrifugal oil filter kit
Centrifugal oil filter kit

Notice for operation

  1. Sstrictly check the various parts of centrifugal oil filter according to the operation instructions.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the ground pin and prohibit reverse.
  3. The oil filter machine is not allowed to be disassembled and smashed.
  4. Fill the oil tank side with oil hole, add cooking oil 2~3 times every day to prevent dry grinding bearings.
  5. The connecting bolts of the machine and the oil filter barrel need to be tightened for a period of time to prevent loose oil leakage.
  6. If the oil leakage of the oil filter is found, check that the bottom of the oil separator in the inner barrel and the middle O-ring of the motor shaft are not pressed. You can use the seal or raw tape to press and tighten the bolt, but not too tight.

Main parameter

ModelCapacityDiameterDepthFeed inlet diameterFeed hopper diameterFeed hopper depthWeightDimensionFilter time

Video of centrifugal oil cleaner in working mode

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