Olive oil is known as a healthful and high-quality oil. Extracted from olive fruit, olive oil can well meet the nutritional needs of human body. In order to improve the quality of olive oil, people usually use cold pressing method. Cold pressing can keep the original flavor and nutrition of olive oil. The main cold press equipment is hydraulic press. As an experienced hydraulic oil press machine manufacturer, we offer professional hydraulic olive oil cold press machine, which is very popular among our customers.

Introduction of olive oil cold press machine

Cold press machine for olive oil is mainly composed of hydraulic pump, control valve, motor, electrical cabinet, oil cylinder, material barrel, frame and other devices. Hydraulic oil press uses hydraulic liquid as medium to press the material, so as to achieve the purpose of oil press.

Compared with the screw oil press, the hydraulic oil press machine has several advantages. For instance, the oil press does not produce heat in the oil press process, so it will not damage the protein and other nutrients in the oil during the pressing process. Moreover, due to no heating, it can avoid producing trans fatty acids, oil polymers and other harmful substances. Besides, the nutritional value of the waste can be retained, and further processed for other purposes.

Olive oil cold press machine
Olive Oil Cold Press Machine

Working video of hydraulic olive oil extraction machine

Hydraulic olive oil press machine features

  • Wide application: sesame, walnut, tea seed, pine seed, almond, rapeseed, cottonseed, flax, sunflower seed, etc.
  • Automatic control system: automatic control of preheating temperature and hydraulic pressure
  • High oil extraction rate and output
  • Easy to operate and labor-saving
Hydraulic oil press structure details
Hydraulic Oil Press Structure Details

Working process of cold press olive oil machine

At first, put the hydraulic olive oil press machine on stable and flat ground, and check whether the machine wiring is normal. Then, start the cold press olive oil machine. Set the temperature by turning on the temperature control switch. After that, place a mat in the barrel after the temperature has reached around 70 degrees. Fill the material barrel with processed raw olive, and shut the lid. The cold pressed olive oil machine begins squeezing. When the squeezing procedure is finished, remove the olive oil cake as directed in the operating manual and lower the piston to begin the following squeezes.

Hydraulic olive oil cold press machine
Hydraulic Olive Oil Cold Press Machine

Hydraulic olive oil press machine parameter

Feeding Diameter180mm230mm260mm320mm
Oil cake diameter180mm230mm260mm320mm
Heating coil control temperature70-10070-10070-10070-100
Pressing Time7 min8 min10min10 Min

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