3 Effective maintenance methods for cold press oil extractor

A cold press oil extractor is an advanced physical cold press machine. Without heating before oil pressing, the temperature of the final oil is low and so is the acid value of oil. Cold pressed oil retains the natural flavor, color, and physiologically active substances of oil. Hydraulic cold press oil machine is widely used. In daily operation, the maintenance of hydraulic oil press equipment has a great impact on the service life of the oil press. During the operation of the oil press, it is inevitable that the equipment parts will be damaged due to impurities in the oil and dust in the air, affecting the normal operation, resulting in low oil yield or poor oil quality, affecting the income. Therefore, the maintenance of the hydraulic oil expeller should be well carried out in daily work.

Regular inspection and timely replacement of damaged parts

It is necessary to check the oil press regularly and replace the damaged parts in time. Do not open the pump station box cover when the equipment is working. Do not idle the cold press oil extractor, otherwise the plunger will be pushed out of the oil cylinder, which will damage the sealing ring and the sealing system. Observe the operation of each component, and repair and replace the defective parts in time.

Regular Clean-up impurities and replacement of hydraulic oil

The hydraulic oil press should be cleaned and changed in time. Although the oil-bearing materials are pretreated before pressing, it is inevitable that a small number of impurities will enter the equipment, and hard objects such as iron blocks and stones will cause wear to the hydraulic oil press. Timely cleaning up the impurities and regularly replacing the hydraulic oil in the low-pressure oil pump can ensure that the low-pressure pump and other parts will not be easily worn.

Daily cleaning and effective protection when idle

Clean the cold press oil extractor in daily work. Clean the oil tank and filter the pressure oil or replace it with new oil every three months. The equipment shall be cleaned when it is idle, and the protective cover shall be covered when it is stored to prevent dust from entering the equipment. It is advised to install the hydraulic oil extraction machine to avoid damage to the equipment caused by environmental problems.

The service life of hydraulic oil press equipment is related to maintenance. After purchasing the equipment, daily maintenance based on effective instructions can prolong the service life of the coil oil press machine and improve economic benefits.

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  1. Hi. I am Ram Nayak from Bangalore, India. I intend to start neem seeds oil extraction unit.
    Can you please send me the details of the machine with 200kgs per hour.
    What is the oil extracted per kg of neem seeds input. Price of the machine, can it run 24*7., No of manpower requirements, power requirements, delivery time, etc which will help me to go ahead. What is the production cost per shift. Cycle time per batch, machine maintenance, space requirements etc.


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