Hot-selling hydraulic oil press machine shipped to bangladesh

An automatic hydraulic oil press adopts advanced hydraulic technology to extract vegetable oil. With high pressure, good oil quality, and high efficiency, hydraulic oil press machine is welcomed by more and more global customers. As a hot-selling product of our company, hydraulic cold press oil machines have been sold to more and more countries. A recent transaction case is a customer from Bangladesh. The hydraulic oil press machine in Bangladesh has the advantages of a high degree of automation, simple process, short extraction time, and high oil quality. After the cold press oil machine was installed in his local place, our Bangladeshi customer expressed his high recognition for the good performance of the machine.

Order introduction of the hydraulic oil press machine in bangladesh

Our customer from Bangladesh wants to extract mustard oil from mustard seeds and sell it locally. The customer learned about different types of mustard oil presses on the market and got interested in hydraulic oil press for its great pressure and unique functions. After watching our company’s hydraulic oil press product video, this client took the initiative to contact us for a quotation.

Hydraulic oil press machine price in bangladesh
Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Price In Bangladesh

Through preliminary communication, we learned that the customer wanted cold pressing to maximize the retention of mustard oil’s nutrition and natural flavor. Medium output, high oil quality, and purity are also his needs. Then, we recommend the TZ-260 and TZ-320 to him. After a detailed understanding of both models, he told us the TZ-260 matched his demand with a barrel diameter of 260mm and an output of 75kg/h. Then, our customer inquired us about our product packaging, freight service, after-sales service, etc., which are all offered professional replies. Finally, he signed a purchase contract with us.

Hydraulic oil press machine in packaging 2
Hydraulic Oil Press Machine In Packaging 2

Machine working principle and advantages

The hydraulic oil press machine in Bangladesh uses hydraulic technology to press. The edible oil produced by the raw material is pressed at low temperature (40-60℃), which retains the nutrition of the oil to the greatest extent and has the highest nutritional value. Cold-pressed oil does not generate a high temperature in the process of oil pressing, and the acid value is also low. Generally, no filtering and refining is required, and final oil is obtained after precipitation and filtration.

  • High oil quality: The temperature of the material does not change much during the cold pressing process, and the organic components of the oil are not damaged. The oil quality is good, the impurities are few, and the oil cake value is high.
  • High extraction rate and purity. The hydraulic cold press oil machine is evenly stressed in the pressing process, with high oil yield, the oil extraction rate can reach 99%.
  • Wide range of applications. It is suitable for pressing oil of various varieties and batches of oil crops such as sesame, peanut, olive, tea seed, soybean, cottonseed and rapeseed.
  • Easy to operate and high efficiency. The mechatronics design and high degree of automation. It takes 8-10 minutes from feeding to discharging.

Market Advantages of hydraulic cold press oil machine

  1. Multifunctions and cost-effective. The hydraulic oil press machine in bangladesh has wide pressure range and good adjustability, suitable for various oil-bearning materials.
  2. High efficiency and energy saving; ordinary oil presses have low electriciy consumption with the motor power reaching 1.5-2.2kw, saving more than 90% of energy.
  3. The oil products are of high quality and have high market value. No filtration is required. The organic components of the oil are not destroyed in the production process, and no chemical raw materials are added, which is in line with the modern health concept. ​
  4. Increase in economic value: The oil cakes produced by this machine can also be processed into green food with high protein and low fat, and the added value of the product is higher.

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