300kg/h home peanut oil extractor machine exported to an oil mill in Nigeria last month. This case study illustrates the success of our collaboration with a Nigerian client who recognized the potential of peanut oil in their agricultural business. With the implementation of Taizy’s home peanut oil extractor, the client achieved significant improvements in oil extraction efficiency and product quality.

Reason to Buy A Peanut Oil Extractor

In the heart of Nigeria, a dedicated farmer sought to transform his peanut crop into a thriving business. This enterprising individual runs a peanut farm and a small-scale peanut butter factory, both focused on delivering quality products to local consumers. However, to achieve this, the efficient extraction of high-quality peanut oil was essential. This is where our story begins.

Client Profile In Nigeria for Peanut Oil Production

Our client, based in Nigeria, is a passionate farmer and owner of a small peanut oil mill and peanut butter processing facility. Their farms yield an abundance of peanuts, and they recognized the potential for peanut oil as an additional revenue stream. By investing in a peanut oil extraction machine, the client aimed to utilize their homegrown peanuts to produce premium, locally sourced peanut oil.

Peanut oil machine for sale
peanut oil machine for sale

Challenges Faced with making peanut oil

The client faced several key challenges:

  • Oil Extraction Efficiency: The traditional manual oil extraction methods used previously were inefficient and time-consuming. The client sought a modern solution that would significantly improve oil extraction efficiency.
  • Product Quality: To meet market demands, it was crucial to ensure the extracted peanut oil maintained high quality and purity.
  • Operational Scale: As a small business owner, the client needed a compact and cost-effective solution that could process their peanut yield effectively.

Taizy’s Solution: profitable home peanut oil extractor

After understanding the client’s requirements, budget, and business scale, Taizy recommended a home peanut oil extractor with a processing capacity of 300 kg/hour. This home-use peanut oil extraction machine was ideal for small to medium-scale operations. Here’s why it was the perfect choice:

  • Efficiency: The machine’s automated process ensured a higher yield and reduced the labor-intensive nature of manual extraction. It increased the oil extraction efficiency significantly.
  • Product Quality: The home peanut oil extractor maintained the quality and purity of the peanut oil, aligning with the client’s commitment to delivering superior products to their customers.
  • Affordability: The client appreciated the cost-effective nature of the machine, which suited their budget and scale of operations.
peanut oil making process

Results and Impact of the Nigeria Oil Mill

By incorporating the home peanut oil extractor into their oil mill, the client achieved several notable results:

  • A substantial increase in oil extraction efficiency, reducing processing time.
  • Consistent production of high-quality peanut oil, meeting market demands.
  • A cost-effective solution that aligned with the client’s budget and operational scale.
  • The ability to expand their peanut-related product range, enhancing their overall business revenue.

The client’s journey from a dedicated peanut farmer to a thriving peanut oil and peanut butter producer showcases the positive impact of investing in modern, efficient machinery.

This partnership underlines our commitment to providing tailored solutions to clients of all sizes, from passionate individuals to thriving businesses. Taizy continues to support entrepreneurs worldwide in their quest for success.