In Zambia, a small-scale oil mill owner sought to enhance productivity and efficiency in their oil extraction process. Turning to the Taizy factory, they found a reliable partner to meet their needs. Here’s how Taizy’s Peanut Oil Expeller Machine provided a solution tailored to their requirements.

Peanut oil expeller machine for shipping to zambia
peanut oil expeller machine for shipping to Zambia

Customer Information

The customer, operating a small-scale oil mill in Zambia, specializes in processing various plant oils, including peanut, sesame, and rapeseed oil. Seeking to augment their output and operational efficiency, they decided to acquire an additional oil expeller machine.

Oil Expeller Machine Selection Process

Concerned about oil extraction efficiency and machine durability, the customer carefully evaluated their options.

To address their concerns, the Taizy factory provided comprehensive support, including a detailed demonstration video showcasing the entire peanut oil extraction process, from feeding to oil filtering.

peanut oil extraction process

The video highlighted the machine’s efficiency, demonstrating that processing 1 kg of peanuts yielded approximately 450 grams of high-quality peanut oil.

Additionally, they learned that Taizy’s commercial Peanut Oil Expeller Machine boasts a lifespan exceeding three years.

Customer Satisfaction

Impressed by Taizy’s professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction, the customer swiftly proceeded with the purchase, expressing satisfaction with the level of service provided.

With the acquisition of Taizy’s Peanut Oil Expeller Machine, the Zambian oil mill owner can now enhance their production capacity and efficiency, ensuring consistent, high-quality oil extraction operations.

Peanut roaster
peanut roaster