An American walnut plantation owner ordered a cold pressed oil machine with an output of about 100kg/h from the Taizy factory to process high-quality walnut oil for sale.

Hydraulic oil press for shipping
hydraulic oil press for shipping

Why choose to buy a cold pressed oil machine?

A customer in the United States, who owns a small walnut plantation, actively searches for suitable oil extraction equipment in order to realize the extraction of high-quality walnut oil from his own walnut resources and put it on the market.

After comparing a variety of oil extraction technologies, the customer was interested in the cold press oil extraction method, which can maximize the retention of the nutritional value and unique flavor of walnut oil.

Cold pressed oil machine for walnut oil production

Walnut oil cold press machine solutions for the customer

Understanding the customer’s needs, Taizy Factory recommended the hydraulic cold pressed oil machine model TZ-6YY-180 for the customer with its rich industry experience and professional technology. This equipment with advanced hydraulic drive technology as the core, with 100-120kg per hour of stable cold-pressing oil extraction capacity, is a perfect fit for the customer’s walnut oil production scale and process standards.

Cold oil press machine for walnut oil making
cold oil press machine for walnut oil making

After the customer was satisfied and confirmed the order, the Taizy factory quickly organized the production and shipment to ensure that the TZ-6YY-180 hydraulic oil press arrived in the hands of the American customer as scheduled.

Parameters of TZ-6YY-180 hydraulic oil press

Oil cake diameter: 192mm
Weight: 550kg
Heating power: 720w
Heating temperature: 70-90℃
Voltage: 220v, 50hz, single-phase electricity
Working pressure: 55-60Mpa
Equipment size: 800*900*1050mm

Look forward to the feedback on cold pressed oil machine from America

At present, this press, which is responsible for helping the customer to realize the dream of self-production and self-marketing of walnut oil, has embarked on a trans-oceanic journey, and we look forward to its performance in the customer’s walnut plantation, helping it to realize the industrial upgrading, and providing the local market with pure natural, nutritious and richly cold-pressed walnut oil.

Oil pressing machine for the us
oil pressing machine for the US

This cooperation is not only another good achievement for Taizy’s hydraulic oil presses to successfully enter the US market but also proves once again the strong adaptability and reliability of its products in meeting the needs of customers in different regions of the world. We are looking forward to working with more overseas customers to promote the globalization of the green and healthy oil industry.