This commercial palm fruit oil press machine was developed by the Taizy factory and is mainly used to process crude palm oil for oil extraction. This small palm pulp press can be powered by electricity or a diesel engine. This kind of palm oil extractor can quickly process all types of palm fruits. The crude palm oil can be further processed into edible palm oil using the oil refining equipment. At present, this practical palm pulp oil extractor machine is very popular among customers in Africa and South America because of its favorable price, simple operation, and high production efficiency.

Palm fruit oil press machine factory
palm fruit oil press machine factory

What is crude palm oil?

Oil palm belongs to the palm family, and its main production areas are located in tropical areas within 5~10 degrees north and south of the equator, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana, Mexico, Colombia, Congo, Tanzania, and other places.

Palm fruit is a common tropical oil crop with high oil content. Typically, the average fresh palm flesh contains 46 to 50% oil and the palm kernel contains 50 to 55% oil. Processing of palm fruit yields about 20% crude palm oil and 3% crude palm kernel oil.

The palm oil obtained from the pulp of the palm fruit is generally known as crude palm oil, which is not directly edible but can be processed into edible oil by refining equipment. The palm oil obtained from the kernel of the palm fruit is called crude palm kernel oil, which is mainly used for industrial purposes.

Palm fruit oil press machine features

The structure of this palm fruit oil press mainly includes the shell, internal screw, screen, and power unit (motor or diesel engine). This palm oil press equipment is made of high-quality carbon steel material, with high hardness, strength, good wear resistance, and other characteristics, and can adapt to high temperature and high-pressure continuous operation. Its service life is long and can be used for decades.

This commercial palm pulp oil extractor has a processing efficiency of between 300kg and 500kg per hour. The machine is easy to operate, has a small footprint, consumes little energy, and has a high oil yield.

Palm fruit oil extracting machine parameters

CapacityPowerSpindle speedCooking timeWeight Packing size
300-500kg/hDiesel engine: 6HP
Motor: 3KW
25—35r/min2h 260kg1.4*0.6*0.6m

How To Make Crude Palm Oil From Palm Pulp?

The process of processing palm fruit crude oil mainly includes picking palm fruit bunches, separating palm fruit, crushing palm fruit and separating kernel separation, steaming palm fruit pulp, and pressing palm fruit pulp.

First of all, we have to remove the palm fruit bunches from the palm tree and clean off the sand, gravel, hair, and other impurities from the palm fruit bunches in time.

Then, the palm fruits are removed from the bunches one by one. Of course, we can also use the palm fruit thresher to complete this process.

Next, we need to use the palm fruit crusher to crush the harvested palm fruit and separate the flesh from the core.

Finally, we need to use the steamer to steam the pulp at a high temperature (about 2 hours within 100℃). Then the cooked palm pulp is added to the oil press to extract the oil, and we can get the palm crude oil with a reddish color.

Palm oil production
palm oil production