Palm oil refinery refining machine at best price

Palm oil and its sub-items are one of the most commonly traded oil products in globalized markets. People in the tropics often use palm oil. Palm oil is extracted from the pulp of palm tree fruit and contains 40% monounsaturated fatty acids, rich in vitamin A and vitamin E. Palm oil has a long storage function and is suitable for frying. The extracted raw palm oil is crimson. Refined palm oil by edible oil refinery machine removes free fatty acids, natural colors, odors and becomes a grade 1 cooking oil. With rich experience in the oil refinery, we offer high-quality palm oil refinery machines. Refined palm oil is close to colorless transparent in liquid condition and near white in solid-state. Palm oil can also be further processed to form palm liquid oil, palm stearin, palm olein, and so on.

palm oil refinery machinery
palm oil refinery machinery

How to refine crude palm oil

The general palm oil refining process includes 5 procedures: degumming, deacidifying, decoloring, deodorizing, and dewaxing. The palm oil refinery machines can realize these functions.

  1. The degumming process uses physical and chemical methods to remove soluble impurities.
  2.  The deacidization process is to remove free fatty acids, which affect the stability and flavor of palm oil. Alkaline neutralization can be used.
  3. The decolorization process is the adsorption of chlorophyll, carotenoids and other pigments, these pigments affect the stability and appearance of oil.
  4. Deodorization is the removal of volatile substances that affect the odor of oil.
  5. Dewaxing is achieved by heating and crystallization of palm oil.
MethodsCrude palm oil
Substance removed
Hot salty water  Degumming
Hot alkali water  →Deacidification
White clay       →Decolorization
vapor           →Deodorization
(volatiles affecting the smell of oil)
heat             →Dewaxing
 Refined palm oil
Refining process

Main equipment list of palm oil refinery machine

Taking the 500kg model as an example:

Machine namePowerNumber
Refining tank0.75KW2
Hot water tank and alkali tank 1
Decolorization tank0.75KW1
Catcher 1
Oil filter1.1KW1
Deodorization tank 1
Safety filter 2
Oil pump0.75KW3
Vacuum system 1
Water circulating pump3KW1
Steam generator 1
equipment list
palm oil refining machine
palm oil refining machine

Palm oil refining machine price

As a professional palm oil refinery machine manufacturer, we supply diverse solutions for processing crude palm oil at factory prices. The palm oil refining machine price varies with the specific model, output, and delivery. Various outputs are available to meet customers’ needs. For small-scale oil refining business, we can offer the machine type with capacity reaching from 30 to 1000kg per day. For medium and large oil plants, the output generally ranges from 1 to 10 tons per day.  Besides, to meet unique production requirements, we can customize the palm oil refinery machine

palm oil refinery machine
palm oil refinery machine with a corridor for observation

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