How to properly maintain a cooking oil refinery machine?

Cooking oil is basically used in our daily life. Generally, the squeezed crude oil or leached crude oil needs to be processed by cooking oil refining equipment before it can become edible oil. The emergence of cooking oil refining equipment has solved the problem, and the oil qualities have been greatly improved. The refined oil processed by the oil refinery machine has bright color and unique flavor, which meets the edible oil standard and can be directly filled and sold. There are various heating methods, including electricity, steam boiler, and heat transfer oil, which can meet the diversified needs of customers. During the daily operation, it is necessary for users to pay attention to some key points of operation and maintenance.

Precautions for use of cooking oil refining equipment

  • Pay attention to the steam boiler used for large oil refinery machine: the pressure in the boiler shall not exceed 0.6MPa, and the boiler shall be operated and maintained in strict accordance with the specified operating procedures.
  • The joints of steam pipes shall be tightly sealed and firmly connected without steam leakage.
  • Frequently check whether the materials at the connection of each single machine are loose and blocked, and whether the belt transmission part slips, so as not to affect the work efficiency.
  • The workshop temperature should not be lower than 15 ℃.
  • In case of sudden power failure during the operation of edible oil refining machine, immediately close the switch on the electrical control board, close the feed gate on each single machine and increase the gap of rolling mill.
Oil refinery equipment
Oil Refinery Equipment

Maintenance method of edible oil refinery machine

  1. Regularly fill lubricating grease at the related parts according to the requirements of equipment instructions.
  2. Often check the oil temperature in each gearbox. If the oil temperature exceeds the specified range, cooling measures shall be taken immediately.
  3. When the machine is shut down for more than 1 hour, clean all the raw materials in the equipment and drain the water in the interlayer of the steamer.
  4. The oil cylinder piston is most likely to be stuck with sundries such as dust. Excessive accumulation will cause equipment wear, which needs to be cleaned regularly.
  5. After the operation of edible oil refining equipment, it is necessary to overhaul it every 4-6 months, replace the worn parts, and add enough lubricating oil and grease into the bearing box. Remove the dirt on the equipment, tighten the connecting bolts everywhere, and wipe the surface of the edible oil refining equipment.
  6. Pay attention to the pressurization of oil pump. Pay attention to the pressure of the oil pump. If the pressure is too strong, the greater the impact force on the hydraulic system, it will damage the pressure equipment and parts. Similarly, pay attention to the pressure when the oil pump returns oil.

In short, edible oil processing plants need to regularly maintain the edible oil refinery machine and clean the impurities of the equipment to ensure stable performance and equipment life.

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