Cold & Hot Pressed Coconut Oil Making Machine For sale

Coconut oil is white or light yellow fat, extracted from copra, namely the dried white flesh of coconuts. Coconut trees grow in the tropical islands or along the continental coast. Copra contains 65%-74% oil and 4%-7% water. Coconut oil has a special smell with a fresh fragrance. The coconut oil in people’s everyday life is mostly through the hot or cold press after cleaning, crushing, which has brought a series of changes in the material inside. The pressing method is suitable for pressing various oil-bearing plants and improving the oil extraction efficiency. A coconut oil making machine is a professional solution for coconut oil extraction.

The benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglyceride, which is easier to digest and consume than other oils. Another ingredient –  lauric acid (47%) has an antibacterial effect and is a rare ingredient in oils extracted from other plants. Coconut oil can be used for food or beverage to enhance flavor and help the body absorb. Coconut oil has a moisturizing effect and can be used for skin care. Coconut oil also helps repair damaged hair.

Coconut and coconut oil
Coconut And Coconut Oil

Screw type coconut oil making machine

The coconut oil screw press machine, also known as a screw oil extraction machine, is a high-efficiency oil pressing equipment, which uses the rotation of a screw shaft to extrude the coconut oil while extruding the oil cake with the help of mechanical force. The following are the outstanding features of the oil extraction machine.

  • Cold pressing and hot pressing can be carried out. For example, peanut oil can directly enter the oil press for cold pressing, or it can be pressed after roasting.
  • The coconut oil press machine has a wide range of pressing, including peanut, soybean, corn, rapeseed and other oil crops.
  • High oil yield and smooth pressing. The oil capacities generally reach from 30-600kg/h.
  • The temperature is adjustable. Suitable temperature can be adjusted for different raw materials, which is convenient to operate.
  • Simple operation, automatic pressing, automatic slag discharge.
  • Vacuum filtration for oil cleaning.
Coconut oil press machine
Coconut Oil Press Machine

Hydraulic type cold pressed coconut oil extractor

Cold pressing by hydraulic oil press machine is another oil production technology. The cold pressing method is under lower temperature, so the nutrient reserves are the most complete with no damage to the oil. It only needs simple precipitation filtering for long time preservation. A hydraulic oil extraction machine is intermittent oil pressing equipment made by using the principle of hydraulic transmission. The working principle of the coconut oil extraction machine is that the pressing chamber pressure increases rapidly through multi-stage propulsion and pressurization.

This type of coconut oil making machine has several advantages.

  1. The extraction of coconut oil is completed at one time, and the pressing is very stable. The oil-bearing crops can be squeezed at one time, and the oil yield has been improved.
  2. The pressing process of hydraulic oil press adopts a variety of fine filtration system devices, and the oil is filtered during pressing.
  3. High temperature will not be generated during pressing, and the original flavor and nutrition of the oil are retained.
  4. Food grade stainless steel is the machine material, which has good corrosion resistance, easy to clean and maintain.
Coconut oil extractor
Coconut Oil Extractor

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