A commercial peanut roasting machine is designed to roast peanuts, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, almonds, and many other dry fruits. The groundnut roaster mainly adopts heating tubes or a gas heating oven and can apply to the peanut oil production line. The peanut roaster machine has a high degree of automation, low noise, energy-saving, high output, and hygiene. It is ideal roasting equipment for small and medium-scale nut processing plants, workshops, and snack food factories.

Peanut roasting machine description

1. The peanut roaster machine adopts the heating tubes as the heating principle. It uses a current to generate a magnetic field through a coil wound around the outer wall of the heater. When the magnetic field encounters the iron pot, it generates numerous small eddy currents, causing the internal iron molecules to move vigorously and self-heating at a high speed to achieve the purpose of heating the peanuts.

Peanut roasters
Peanut Roasters

2. As a new type of food processing equipment, the peanut roaster overcomes the disadvantages of traditional roasting methods. Its thermal efficiency is up to 95%, can achieve precise temperature control. The groundnut roasting machine can be used continuously for 10 years or more. The commercial peanut roaster can adjust the forward rotation to achieve automatic stir-frying and discharge the material.

Composition of groundnut roasting machine

The peanut roasting machine is mainly composed of a transmission device, 15 independent electric heating tubes, a motor, an electric control box, a handwheel, a collection tray, a feeding port, and a discharging port.

  1. The inlet is mainly used for the feeding of raw peanuts and a cover is with it.
  2. The outlet is for the discharging of roasted peanuts
  3. The receiving tray is used to collect the waste generated during the baking process.
  4. There are 15 heating tubes in one rotary drum to heat the roasting furnace.
  5. The electric control cabinet is the equipment that controls the whole peanut roasting machine. It uses intelligent control buttons or panels to control the temperature, time, and other parameters of the baking.
  6. The motor controls the operation of the rotating drum of the peanut roasting equipment.
  7. Turn the handwheel to manually discharge the material if there’s a power outage.
  8. The temperature probe is used to measure the temperature in the oven. The PV on the electric control box displays the current temperature of the oven; SV is the set temperature. The temperature probe automatically senses the temperature in the oven. When the current temperature is equal to the set temperature, the peanut roasting plant stops heating.

Wide application of commercial peanut roaster

A multi-purpose commercial peanut roasting machine is mainly used for roasting kernels, peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, eat beans, beans, melon seeds, and other granular materials.

Commercial peanut roaster application
Commercial Peanut Roaster Application

Industrial groundnut roaster machine feature

  • The groundnut roasting machine has the advantages of quick heating, stable performance, low power consumption, low running cost, long service life, simple operation, energy-saving, and labor-saving.
  • The peanuts are roasted evenly with a good appearance and good taste, and the surface is not damaged.
  • The peanut roasting machine has a small footprint and it is easy to make up the production line.
  • The peanut roaster is made of food-grade stainless steel, thus the roasted products are hygienic and of high quality.

Technical parameters of peanut roasting machine

The peanut roasting equipment can be divided into a gas-heating type and an electric type. For gas heating type, the consumption of gas is 2-3kg/h for the Model of TZ-1 which has a single rotary drum. The larger the output, the more the roasting drums. For small-scale businesses, the TZ-1 and TZ-2 are often used. For medium and large peanut processing production lines, TZ-3, TZ-4 and TZ-5 are more applied and usually matched with a conveyor belt in front of the discharge port. For non-standard specifications, like machine size, machine material, supporting device, etc, our company can customize the machine.

Model    Dimension(mm)Output (kg/h)Motor Power Electrical Heating PowerGas Consumption
TZ-13000*1200*1700 80—1201.1kw18kw2-3kg/h

Typical export case

Our peanut roasting plant is very popular in many countries. The following case is an example. This Nigerian customer is a self-employed person, planning to make roasted peanuts and then press peanut oil. This high-efficient peanut roaster is a great help for his business now.