sunflower seed roaster machine

The sunflower seed roaster machine uses electric heating or gas heating to roast batches of sunflower seeds. The multifunctional sunflower seed roaster can also roast other nuts and seeds like peanuts, sesame, almonds, walnuts, etc. As baking is uniform and efficient, the appearance of baked materials is attractive. The automatic sunflower seed roasting equipment has the features of high efficiency, energy-saving, and controllable baking temperature, which can well retain the original color and flavor of the sunflower seeds. The baked products are crisp and refreshing, rich in fragrance, natural in color, and less in loss of nutrients. Sunflower seed roasting machine is suitable for small and medium-volume sunflower seed processing companies.

Outstanding advantages of sunflower seed roaster machine

  • High efficiency and high output.
  • Energy saving, operation safety and rapid temperature increase.
  • Diverse output and customizable services.
  • Stable performance, low power consumption, low operating cost, long service life and easy operation and maintenance.
  • The heating temperature can be adjusted and automatically controlled.
  • The finished product is of high quality, heated and baked evenly. The baked products have pure taste; the food-grade stainless steel material used in the parts of the machine contacting materials ensures food safety.
  • Wide range of use: The sunflower seed roaster is widely used in food processing industry, suitable for other seeds, beans, nuts, (such as peanuts, almonds, chestnuts, cashews, broad beans, etc.), etc..
Baked sunflower seeds
Baked Sunflower Seeds

How does the sunflower seed roaster work?

The drum-type sunflower seed roaster machine adopts a rotary drum and uses a high-quality infrared catalytic burner to realize the flameless catalytic combustion of natural gas and liquefied gas, and can also be heated by an electric heating tube. During the baking process, the object to be baked is continuously propelled by the propelling device in the cylinder to form an uninterrupted cycle, so that it is heated evenly and effectively guarantees the baking quality.

Structural features

  • Unique drum horizontal structure to keep uniform heating, good sealing, and good heat preservation effect.
  • The sunflower seed roaster machine is equipped with a control temperature controller, and customers can set the working temperature and working time according to the effect requirements. In addition, the machine is equipped with an alarm reminder function, as long as the set time is reached, it will automatically alarm and remind.
  • The thermal insulation inner interlayer of the roasting machine adopts high-quality asbestos as the thermal insulation material, which can effectively maintain the internal temperature. The food tastes good and achieves the effect of saving electricity and time.
  • For roasting seeds and seeds, the material is unloaded through the lower hopper, which is convenient and fast. The material is stirred in the drum, and the rotation of the stirring blade is driven by the drum, so that the material is heated more uniformly and the effect is better.
  • It is convenient to discharge. Just press the stop switch (protection function) when discharging, and the fried materials can be released from the pot without manual separation.

parameter of sunflower seed roaster machine

 Sunflower seed roasting plantModel: TZ -100
Motor power:1.1kw  
Heating power:18kw
Temperature 0 –300°
   Sunflower seed roasting machineModel: TZ -150
Motor power:2.2KW
Heating power:35KW
Temperature 0 –300°
Sunflower seed roasting equipmentModel:MHK—4
Machine size:3000*4400*1700mm
Motor power:4.4kw
Heating Power :60kw

As shown above, the sunflower seed roaster has different capacities for options. Each machine has electricity or gas type according to customers’ needs. The TZ -150 model has two roasting drums and the MHK—4 has four drums with larger output.

Small scale sunflower seed roasting equipment

Small scale sunflower seed roasterModel:TZ-50
Machine size:1.85*1.2*1.6m 
Motor power:1.1kw  
Heating power:16kw
Temperature: 0–300°

The above shows the technical data of the TZ-50 model, a small type roasting machine. During each batch, the productivity is 50kg. The heating temperature can be adjusted between 0–300°. The sunflower seed roasting plant can be heated by gas or electricity.

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