Commercial roaster4

1 Automatic roasting machine, also known as drum type roasting machine, is suitable for roasting of rapeseed, oil sunflower, chestnut, sesame, peanut kernel, cottonseed kernel, soybean, sunflower, etc.

  1. Fully automatic roasting machine, also known as drum type roasting machine (fried pot) is an essential machine in the oil press equipment. The stir-fry is even and easy to control. The motor is equipped with a positive and negative controller and a temperature regulator for easy cooking and discharging.
  2. Fully automatic roasting machine is referred to as wok: it is the preferred auxiliary machine in the process of oil extraction. Three points of crushed seven points of fried materials, high oil yield.

Working principle:

The closed type roasting machine uses the steam generated by the oil itself to steam and fry the oil, soften the plant cellulose, prevent the high-temperature carbonization of the oil, reduce the amount of slag in the oil extraction process, increase the oil yield, and make the oil more clear. It can control the same raw materials with the same temperature, and the long time of the roaste materials will not worry about the frying of the oil, and reduce the hardening degree of the fried seed technology. Using closed wok, everyone is the oil expert.


  1. Small footprint, clean and environmentally friendly, no pollution,
  2. Automatic rotation, automatic stir fry, automatic pan
  3. Fast and fast
  4. Increase the oil yield.

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Technology parameter:

Model Power capacity Time Size(mm) Weight
TZ-30 0.55KW 30kg 15min 1150×600×900 80kg
TZ-60 0.75KW 60kg 15min 1380×670×1100 130kg
TZ-130 1.1KW 130kg 15min 1680×840×1330 160kg
TZ-280 4KW 280kg 15min 2380×1100×1530 600kg