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  1. Roasting machineis used for frying chestnuts, fried peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts and other dozens of roasted seeds and nuts.
  2. Roasting machine is made of stainless steel and steel frying. it has stable mechanical properties and is fully enclosed belt drive with reasonable layout. Roasting  machineis easy to operate, evenly mix, turn the normal roasted seeds and vegetables in the forward direction, turn the fried chestnuts and sand in the opposite direction, and the fried chestnuts and fried seeds are automatically separated when coming out. It is very convenient, and the fried roasted seeds are good-looking and delicious.
  3. The drum is heated evenly, and has the function of heat preservation. rotates continuously, the roasted seeds are evenly distributed, and it is convenient to enter and exit the pot. Press the up and down forward switch to fry the pan. Press the reverse switch to automatically separate the pan.



Roasting machine has feature of multi-purpose,green environmental protection, heat preservation and energy saving, luxurious and hygienic, convenient and quick, saving labor and time,low power consumption, high efficiency, safety, hygiene, convenient operation, uniform mixing,











Technology parameter:

Model TZ-170
Inner thickness 4-8mm
Production Capacity 500kg/h
Power 0.75kw
Weight 170KG
Size 1550*800*1300mm
Voltage 220v/380v


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