Recently, we exported a groundnut roasting and peeling machine to Nigeria. The customer needs a peanut roaster and peeler to make roasted peanuts and peanut oil.

Export details of Nigeria groundnut roasting and peeling machine

A Nigerian customer is a self-employed person and he wants to start his own peanut business. He plans to use a groundnut roaster to make roasted peanuts and then sell them. And the Nigerian customer also has an old-fashioned peanut oil extraction machine. He can use this machine to make peanut oil. After purchasing this small peanut roasting machine and peeler, he can make roasted peanuts and peanut oil at the same time.

Peanut roasting and peeling machine
Peanut Roasting And Peeling Machine

The small commercial peanut roaster has electric and gas heating methods. The customer chose a gas-heated roaster based on his local power supply. The groundnut roasting machine is operated by an intelligent control panel. Therefore, it is very convenient for the customer to operate the machine. This Nigerian customer bought a dry peanut peeling machine, which is specially used for peeling off roasted peanuts. In addition, we also have machines specially used for peeling off peanut skins.

Why do Nigeria customers choose a groundnut roasting machine?

The groundnut roaster mainly uses a heating source to heat the roasting furnace to heat the raw materials in the furnace. According to the different heating, it can be divided into electric heating and air heating. And the commercial peanut roaster has a roasting furnace, two roasting furnaces, three roasting furnaces, and many other models. Its output range is 50kg/h~2t/h. Of course, its output will vary with the baking of different raw materials. The peanut baking oven can be widely used for baking peanuts, almonds, cashews, melon seeds, pistachios, sesame, soybeans, and other raw materials. The intelligent control panel can set the baking time and temperature, reducing personnel operations.

Groundnut roasting machine
Groundnut Roasting Machine

Convenient to make peanut oil

Peanut oil is not only suitable for large-scale peanut butter production plants. Now many small business operators can also use simple machines to make groundnut oil. The whole process of making peanut oil includes peanut shelling, roasting, peeling, oil extraction, filling, and other steps. This whole set of steps starts with shelled peanuts. If your peanuts are peeled peanuts, then you can use peanut roasting machines, peeling machines, peanut oil extraction machines, and filling machines to produce them. And we still have customers, they only bought a peanut oil-making machine to start the production. You can choose the right machine for production according to your production plan and budget.

Peanut oil extraction machine
Peanut Oil Extraction Machine

As an oil production machine manufacturer, we are not only selling the groundnut roasting and peeling machine to Nigeria, we also sell the small and large oil extraction machine to Nigeria. We have set up a good relationship with Nigerian customers. If you have any requirements for the oil processing machine, please contact us.