A cocoa butter press machine is designed to extract cocoa oil from cocoa mass or cocoa liquor under hydraulic oil pressure. Thus, it is also called a hydraulic oil press machine. After cooling, the cocoa oil became cocoa butter. Cocoa butter or cocoa oil can be used to produce chocolate products or ingredients for other snacks. The cocoa oil press has the characteristics of high-quality oil products, high efficiency, easy operation, energy-saving, and wide application. The cocoa butter extraction machine is also suitable for pressing other materials, such as olive, sesame, sunflower seed, almond, coconut, coconut, etc.

Cocoa Butter Processing Steps

Since cocoa butter/oil is extracted from cocoa mass, do you know how to make cocoa mass/cocoa liquor? Here are the processing steps.

Cocoa oil processing steps
Cocoa Oil Processing Steps
RoastingIn this step, the roasted cocoa beans are produced by the cocoa roasting machine.
PeelingAfter roasting, the cocoa peeling machine peels the cocoa beans to get cocoa beans.
GrindingThe cocoa beans are ground by the grinding machine to obtain the cocoa mass.
PressingA cocoa butter press presses cocoa mass to obtain cocoa oil and cocoa oil cake. After cooling, it becomes cocoa butter.

Working video of coconut oil press

Cocoa Butter Press Machine Benefits

  • Good oil quality

It’s pure physical pressure. There is no high temperature generated in the cold pressing process, so the pressing does not damage the organic components of the oil material. The final oil has a natural flavor with high cleanliness and high cake value.

  • Convenient operation and high efficiency

With the mechatronic design, the cocoa butter press machine has a high degree of automation and a low failure rate. The complete processing time of a batch, from loading to unloading, takes only a few minutes.

  • Wide range of applications

Raw materials can be walnut, pine nuts, almonds, olives, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, camellia seeds, sesame, flax, peanuts, wheat germ, germ corn, etc

Cocoa oil press machines
Cocoa Oil Press Machines

Cocoa Oil Press Structure Details

  1. The whole cocoa butter press machine is made of high quality steel materials.
  2. Hydraulic transmission components consist of high pressure pump, gear pump, worm gear transmission, impeller, crankshaft, check valve, hydraulic cylinder, hose and other components.
  3. Electrical control parts include voltmeter, temperature controller, electrical contact pressure gauge, contactor, relay, heating tube, etc.

Cocoa Butter Press Parameter

Cocoa butter extraction machine
Cocoa Butter Extraction Machine
Total weight(kg)105014002000
Maximum working pressure(MPa)555550
Electric heating power(KW)222
Electric heating temperature70-10070-10070-100
Capacity in barrels(kg/batch)81115
Cake diameter(mm)230260320
Engine power and types1.5kw
220V / 50HZ one phase
380v / 50hz 3 phase
220V / 50HZ one phase
380v / 50hz 3 phase
220V / 50HZ one phase
380v / 50hz 3 phase
Technical data of cocoa oil press

There are a series of cocoa butter press machines for options. As it needs to feed the machine in batches. The table shows the capacity in the barrel, which means the feeding amount each time. For special outputs, we can customize the machine for customers.

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