Sesame oil expeller machine, also known as automatic hydraulic oil press, is an advanced cold oil extraction machine. Featuring simple operation, high oil yield, and maintaining the natural flavor of the oil. The sesame oil cold press machine is ideal equipment replacing the manual oil mill. Besides sesame seeds, the sesame oil extracting machine is also suitable for pressing olives, almonds, walnuts, perils, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, palm kernels, cocoa beans, flax seeds, etc., in small or medium-sized oil pressing units.

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Sesame Oil Expeller Machine Highlights

  • Automatic operation. The machine adopts automatic control, temperature control, pressure control system.
  • High quality oil. Sesame oil retains natural flavor and high nutrition.
  • Space saving. The hdraulic oil press covers a small space,
  • Labor saving and easy to operate.
  • Energy saving. Compared with the traditional oil mill, it can save energy up to 50%.
  • Durable and long life. The machine material is high quality steel and it has less vulnerable parts.
  • Various outputs. The capacity can reach 30-400kg/h.
Sesame oil press machine
Sesame Oil Press Machine

Sesame Oil Press Machine Structure Introduction

The sesame oil cold press machine has an innovative and reasonable structure design, mainly involving the main body, the hydraulic transmission part, and the electric control part.

  1. Main body. It contains bottom plate, column, press chamber, oil pan and so on. The sesame can be pushed up by the force of the oil cylinder assembly in the press chamber, and the oil flows out from the space of the press chamber and to the storage barrel of oil through the oil collection tray.
  2. Transmission hydraulic part. This part is the main power source of the sesame oil expeller machine. There are transmission shaft, high pressure pump, overflow valve, worm gear, gear pump, manual control valve, oil cylinder set and others. This sesame oil extraction machine adopts advanced hydraulic pumping station, with high oil pressure and high temperature resistance. So the sesame seed oil press machine can work continuously without cooling when the oil temperature is over 65°C.
  3. Electrical control part. It includes motor, voltmeter, pressure gauge, power fuse, temperature controller and other components.
Sesame oil expeller machine structure 1
Sesame Oil Expeller Machine Structure 1

How To Make Cold Pressed Sesame Oil?

A commercial sesame oil expeller machine is a cold oil hydraulic machine. During the operation, it does not generate a high temperature, so it retains the original flavor and nutrients of the oil.

Step 1: Adjust the temperature by turning on the temperature control switch.

Step 2: Insert a mat into the barrel, fill the barrel with a batch of raw sesame, and close the lid.

Step 3: Starting: The engine starts and the pressure pump produces hydraulic oil.

Step 4: Pre-pressing: The hydraulic oil enters the upper chamber of the press oil cylinder through the high-pressure directional valve, and the oil cylinder starts working for pre-pressing.

Step 5: Pressing: When the pressure rises to the highest, the sesame is pressed by the pumps repeatedly to get high oil yield.

Step 6: Pressure relief: After the oil pressing is completed, the engine is shut down.

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