The US region is the main soybean producing area. How to make money with soybean oil press machine is a problem that many users are very concerned about. Under normal circumstances, the oil yield of soybeans is only about 15-18%. Therefore, if you only rely on selling oil, the profit is very small. So how should we invest in soybean oil presses to make money?

Soybean oil is a common edible oil. Therefore, general soybean oil is the main way to make money. The user carries the soybeans for oil extraction and charges a processing fee. Or use soybean oil to sell oil. The general profit of selling oil is relatively high. Soybean enters the squeezing from the hopper, and the stalk is pushed to make the embryo continuously push in and press, because the embryo is carried out under the condition of pressing the squeezing of the oil press, under the condition of squeezing high jade, the hair The oil flows out. The oil that has been squeezed out can be directly cooked on the pan. Generally, soybeans are mainly raw and pressed, so there is no need to fry seeds.
All the soybeans left after the oil is pressed are bean cakes. There is a large amount of soy protein in the bean cake. The nutritional value of soy protein is very high. Therefore, bean cake can be processed for processing artificial meat. Or sell the cake directly. Under normal circumstances, the price of a pound of bean cake is higher than the price of a pound of soybeans. And someone has come to collect the bean cake. Therefore, it is not necessary to consider the sales of bean cake. So in general, the profit of the soybean oil press is still very impressive.