How to solve the problem that the screw oil press motor starts abnormally

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The reason why the screw press motor could not start normally: The operator did not follow the normal operation procedure, resulting in the motor not working, accompanied by a squeaking sound. Detailed treatment plan for the solution: As the operator did not perform normal operation according to the manufacturer’s requirements, there was no normal operation before the shutdown, and the screw press machine was stopped when the material was not completely eliminated, resulting in a large amount of slag cake remaining. Inside the machine, these residual slag cakes can easily cause clogging in the machine cavity of the screw press, which seriously affects the secondary start of the equipment. The correct shutdown step is to wait for the equipment in the machine cavity to be completely removed before stopping. Therefore, as an operator of the screw press, the machine must be idling for 3-5 minutes before stopping, so that the oil press machine cavity The oil inside is completely removed and the machine is shut down. In this way, there will be no problem that the motor cannot be started normally, and the life of the oil press equipment is prolonged.

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