Vacuum filter


The edible oil vacuum filter uses the vacuum pump to remove the air from the vacuum filter, and sucks the oil into the edible oil filter in the vacuum drum through the filter cloth. The general equipment is equipped with two vacuum barrels, which can be alternately used in turn.









Usage steps of vacuum filter:

  1. Pour the oil on the oil pan on the vacuum bucket.
  2. Turn on the vacuum pump.
  3. Turn on the suction valve, turn off the intake valve and turn off another vacuum bucket.
  4. Clean the sludge attached to the filter cloth to prevent the filter cloth from becoming clogged.
  5. Observe the oil sight observation hole, the oil surface can not exceed the upper limit.
  6. Turn off the oil and gas valve and turn on the intake valve.
  7. Oil outflow.











Main parameters:

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
TZ-500 100-200kg/h 1.1kw 180kg 1200x60x1000mm


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