Edible oil plate filter | plate and frame oil filter

Edible oil plate filter

The edible oil plate filter is a kind of equipment used to filter edible oil. The plate and frame oil filter can remove solid impurities and water from the oil. In the food processing industry, the edible oil plate filter can be used together with an oil press machine. It can also be used to filter water and impurities in transformer oil, turbine oil, engine oil, diesel oil, aviation hydraulic oil, and so on.

Vacuum oil filter machine | vacuum pump edible oil filter

Vacuum oil filter 1

The vacuum oil filter machine is designed to filter edible oil/cooking oil. The edible oil filter is usually connected with an oil extractor machine in operation. The vacuum oil filter uses the vacuum pump to remove the air from the vacuum filter and sucks the oil into the vacuum drum through the filter cloth. Thus, it is also called a vacuum pump edible oil filter. The vacuum pump edible oil filter is generally equipped with two vacuum barrels, which can be alternately used in turn.