Palm oil refinery refining machine at best price

palm oil refinery equipment

Palm oil is extracted from the pulp of palm tree fruit. Refined palm oil removes free fatty acids, natural colors, odors and becomes a grade 1 cooking oil. Palm oil refinery machines efficiently process crude palm oil to be refined oil for direct use. The final palm oil can reach first grade.

Peanut oil cold & hot pressing machine price in Nigeria

peanut oil press machine

As an experienced peanut oil press machine supplier, we provide peanut oil extraction machines for both hot and cold pressing, and exported them to a large number of countries across the world. This is to introduce a case of a peanut oil press machine in Nigeria.

Olive oil cold press machine | hydraulic oil press machine

hydraulic oil press machine2

As an experienced hydraulic oil press machine manufacturer, we offer professional hydraulic olive oil cold press machine. Hydraulic oil press uses hydraulic liquid as medium to press the material, so as to achieve the purpose of cold oil press.

Cashew nutshell liquid screw press machine manufacturer

Cashew nutshell liquid machine

Our company, with years of industrial experience of producing nut processing machine, is a professional cashew nutshell liquid machine manufacturer. Our screw type expeller offers an efficient solution for CNSL extraction.

Screw oil press machine price in Nigeria

screw press oil expeller

We have sold a Model-70A screw oil machine to a customer in Nigeria. The screw type oil press is designed to extract cooking oil from various raw oil seeds and nuts. Based on different capacities, the screw press oil expeller is suitable for small or large oil plants or mills.