Cold & Hot Pressed Coconut Oil Making Machine For sale

Coconut oil making machine

The coconut oil in people’s everyday life is mostly through the hot press after cleaning, crushing, and heating, which has brought a series of changes in the material inside. The hot pressing method is suitable for pressing various oil-bearing plants and improving the oil yield efficiency. A coconut oil making machine, also known as a screw oil press, is a professional solution for coconut oil extraction.

What factors affect oil yield in using a Screw oil expeller?

Screw oil expeller

The oil yield is a matter of great concern to oil producers and affects their profits. The oil yield of a screw oil press is directly related to the oil content and the pretreatment of raw materials, oil extraction methods, and operation methods. In the process of operating a screw oil expeller, there are many factors affecting the oil yield. Here are several major factors for reference.

corn maize germ oil Extraction process

Corn oil press machine

Before pressing, there are several preparation steps for corn oil extraction process. First, we need to extract the embryo of corn, remove impurities, and then use a corn oil press machine to complete the extraction of corn oil.

Screw oil press machine price in Nigeria

Screw press oil expeller

We have sold a Model-70A screw oil machine to a customer in Nigeria. The screw type oil press is designed to extract cooking oil from various raw oil seeds and nuts. Based on different capacities, the screw press oil expeller is suitable for small or large oil plants or mills.