Special precautions when screwing oil press

How do we protect ourselves from the sudden events of the machine when we use the oil press?

(1) It is forbidden to enter foreign matter into the press, and it is strictly forbidden to use the hand or iron rod to feed the material inside the hopper.
(2) When the machine is stuck, it is strictly forbidden to withdraw the spindle.
(3) When the thickness of the cake is adjusted, the action should not be too fierce, in order to prevent the mechanical load from suddenly increasing, the cake head and the cake opening are contacted, causing the machine to jam, damage the machine parts, burn the motor, etc. When adjusting the screw, it should not be excessive, so as to avoid the snail from falling off from the front and rear supports, so that the screw can not be loaded and can not be pulled down.
(4) After adjusting the thickness of the cake, lock the locking nut to prevent the spindle from moving back and forth.
(5) The processed dry cake should not be repeatedly pressed repeatedly to avoid jamming the machine.
(6) After the machine is reversed, check whether the locking ring of the cake head is loose, so as to avoid the joint of the screw, the host is stuck.
(7) The new machine and the reassembled machine, after the first processing, the standby temperature drops, and the tie rod nut should be tightened again to avoid loosening the strip.
(8) When replacing the filter cloth, be sure to press the filter cylinder into the groove of the upper gland rubber ring, otherwise it will leak and press the filter cloth.
(9) The vacuum pump cannot be turned off after the vacuum pump is turned on or the intake valve is closed without the intake valve being opened.
(10) The machine is not heated enough to be squeezed.
(11) When the machine is not working for many days, the spindle should be carefully worn before being turned on again to avoid causing no material or cake.

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