Small oil press manufacturers

The small oil press retains the advantages of small and compact, and adopts the electromechanical design. After high-frequency quenching process, high carbon steel is applied to the material of the oil extraction equipment. The tighter seal also ensures the hygiene of the production process. It is possible to flexibly master and control the oil production process. It can be said that the production mode of the soybean oil press machine is successfully incorporated into the production process of small equipment, so that the oil production rate of the production equipment is greatly improved and the management is more humanized. Small oil press performance and features: 1. Small oil press is small in size and small in floor space. Easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate, no special requirements for operators. 2. During the use of the small oil press, the electricity consumption is low and the various costs are low. 3. Compared with the general two-piston pump station, save power by 30%. 4. The small oil press belongs to the hydraulic press, with high pressure, high oil yield and good oil quality. 5. The small oil press adopts fully automatic control system, preheating temperature automatic control and hydraulic system pressure automatic control. 6. The main components of the small oil press are made of imported high-quality silicon saw steel equipped with CNC precision lathe and modern high-tech.

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