corn maize germ oil Extraction process

The corn kernel is mainly composed of the seed coat, pericarp, endosperm, and germ. Although the quality of corn germ only accounts for 10% – 15% of the grain, the crude fat content of corn germ is particularly high, accounting for 33% – 56% of the weight of the whole germ. Corn germ is mainly used as an oil resource to prepare corn germ oil. Corn germ oil is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and oleic acid, which have a protective effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Do you know how to extract oil from corn with a corn oil extraction machine? The following are the general steps for the corn oil extraction process.

How to extract oil from corn/maize?

Before pressing, there are several preparation steps for the corn oil extraction process. First, we need to extract the embryo of corn, remove impurities, and then use a corn oil press machine to complete the extraction of corn oil. The extracted crude corn oil can be refined to obtain edible oil.

Pre-treatment before oil extraction

1. Corn germ extraction: embryo extraction is one of the important steps for oil extraction. Based on the different crushing resistance of corn embryo and endosperm, we need to first crush the endosperm with rolling equipment and then screen out the corn embryo with screening equipment.

2. Impurity removal: clean the corn germs thoroughly before pressing by removing impurities like slag and powder in the germ and purifying them with a vibrating screen to improve the purity of the germ.

3. Drying: the water content of the newly extracted corn germ is high. To prepare it for pressing, it is needed to reduce the water content to less than 9%.

Maize germ pressing by corn oil press machine

Corn germ oil press machines
Corn Germ Oil Press Machines

Step 1: Before starting the corn germ oil pressing plant, a comprehensive inspection must be carried out first. Loosen the lock nut, turn the screw counterclockwise to let the conical surface of the screw press against the conical surface of the oil cake outlet. Then turn the screw clockwise and tighten the lock nut to prepare for the startup.

Step 2: Adjust the temperature controller to the required temperature for pressing, twist the general heating switch to heat, and raise the temperature of the machine. The temperature of the maize oil press machine is automatically controlled. Press the forward rotation button of the main engine to start the operation of the main engine, and the rotation direction of the spiral shaft shall be counterclockwise.

Step 3: When pressing, it is required to ensure that the temperature of the oil cake is about 100 ° C to facilitate the oil output. The oil content of corn germ is high, so the two-time pressing method can be adopted. Pay attention to the clear oil path during the pressing.

Notice: During normal oil pressing, the feeding shall be uniform and do not run idle with too much or too little material cut off. At this time, the machine load is normal, the operation is stable, the sound is rhythmic, and the cake thickness is normally controlled at 0.5-2mm.

Step 4: Before the shutdown of the corn oil press machine, stop feeding, loosen the oil cake outlet, and then feed tiny amounts of cake crumbs until the residual materials in the pressing chamber are discharged. Turn the screw counterclockwise for 1-3 turns after shutting down, and then unplug the power supply.

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