3 effective maintenance methods for cold press oil extractor

3 Effective maintenance methods for cold press oil extractor

During the operation of the oil press, it is inevitable that the equipment parts will be damaged due to impurities in the oil and dust in the air, affecting the normal operation, resulting in low oil yield or poor oil quality, affecting the income. Therefore, the maintenance of the hydraulic oil press should be well carried out in daily work.

Cold & hot pressed coconut oil making machine for sale

Cold & Hot Pressed Coconut Oil Making Machine For sale

The coconut oil in people’s everyday life is mostly through the hot press after cleaning, crushing, and heating, which has brought a series of changes in the material inside. The hot pressing method is suitable for pressing various oil-bearing plants and improving the oil yield efficiency. A coconut oil making machine, also known as a screw oil press, is a professional solution for coconut oil extraction.

Does the hydraulic press produce an explosion if it is placed in hot material?

When the hydraulic presser can be purchased again, the business staff explained to the customer the operating procedures of some hydraulic presses. Stir the sesame first and then put it into the hydraulic press, cover the lid of the hydraulic press, and then squeeze, because the silo of the hydraulic press is closed and squeezed….

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