With the people’s attention to dietary health, the selection of high-grade cooking oil like soybean oil has also attracted more and more attention. Many people value the prospect of soybean oil refinery plant (also called cooking oil refinery equipment), and tend to invest in the soybean oil refining industry. After hydration and degumming in the refining oil equipment process, free fatty acids in the oil, pigments and impurities in the oil, special odor, etc., can be removed, and the refined oil with bright color can be obtained. The refined soybean oil can meet the edible oil standard and can be directly filled and sold. Refining oil equipment, the daily output is from 100 kg to 10 tons per day, which can meet the needs of customers with small production to large production.

How is soyabean oil refined?

The soybean oil refinery plant mainly includes acid-base reaction oil tank, centrifugal separator, vacuum deodorization equipment, steam generator, decolorization oil tank, supporting pipes, tanks, oil pumps, etc. The complete soya oil refining process includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. 

  • Degumming and deacidification process

Free fatty acids in the soybean oil are removed by lye and produce soap feet, and the soap feet and colloidal impurities in the fats and oils are removed by washing of hot water.

  • Decolorization process

After the degummed soya oil is pumped into the decolorization tank, the white clay is added. They are mixed for 30 minutes, the temperature is lowered from 110° C to 70 ° C, and then the clay is filtered to get decolorized oil.

  • Deodorization process

The decolorized oil is pumped into a deodorization tank, heated to 220-260 ° C, and steamed and stripped for 4 hours under vacuum. The steam generator produces high temperature steam.

List of main equipment for 500kg/D Soybean Oil Refining Equipment

The following is the main machine in the soybean oil refinery plant.

Refined pot0.75KW2Electric heating tube 2KW
Hot water tank,Hot water tank, 1 
Decolorization tank0.75KW1Electric heating tube 3KW
Catcher 1 
Decolorizing oil filter1.1KW1 
Deodorization tank 1Electric heating tube 4KW
Safety filter 2 
Oil pump0.75KW3 
Vacuum system 1 
Circulating pump3KW1 
Steam generator 1Electric heating tube 4KW
Mounting materialSteel pipes, valves, elbows, flanges, electric control cabinets, etc.

advantages of soya oil refinery plant

Soya oil refinery plant
Soya Oil Refinery Plant

1. This product can realize the integrated flow operation of dephosphorization, degumming, decolorization, deodorization, and dewaxing (if needed);

2. The refined oil has good effect, clear and translucent, no phosphorus glue precipitation, no foaming;

3. Fast work efficiency, adding air pressure tank, strong power, fast grease processing;

5. The soybean oil refinery machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, and the refined oil can meet the national edible oil requirements.

4. Simple and convenient operation, no tedious manual operation

soybean oil refinery plant cost

There are many factors that affect the price, mainly from the following three aspects:

1. Machine material

The quality of the soyabean refined oil making machine will affect the price of the equipment. Different materials will affect the quality of the equipment. The better the equipment quality, the higher the price, the higher the efficiency, and the more stable the operation process. more profit.

2. Different technology and processing procedures

Different oil plants have different varieties and processes. For example, corn oil, rapeseed oil and sunflower oil with high wax content in the raw materials must be dewaxed. Different processing techniques can obtain different grades of edible oil, from grade 4 to grade 1 soybean oil.

3. Diverse output

The production capacity of the soybean oil refinery plant determines the cost of the equipment. The larger the processing capacity of soybean oil refining equipment, the higher the price of the equipment. The manufacturing cost of batch is lower than semi-continuous and fully continuous refining equipment. Refining oil equipment can be divided into three types: intermittent oil refining equipment, semi-continuous oil refining equipment, and fully continuous oil refining equipment. , 30-600 tons / day. Semi-continuous oil refining equipment and fully continuous refining oil equipment are commonly used.