A cooking oil refining machine is used to improve the quality of pressed oil. After deacidification, degumming, decolorization, deodorization, and other processes, the indexes of pressed palm oil and other kinds of edible oil meet the food quality standards. Palm oil is squeezed from palm fruit. Palm oil and palm kernel oil are produced from pulp and kernel respectively. Palm oil usually contains only the former. After refining and fractionation, palm oil can be processed into products with different melting points. It is widely used in the catering industry, food industry, and oleochemical industry. The small scale palm oil refining machine has the advantages of less investment and quick return, and the crude palm oil (CPO) is refined to the standard of food-grade oil without using a steam boiler. The small palm oil refining equipment concentrates the essence of the refinery workshop process equipment. It is easy to operate, with high refining efficiency, and affordable price.  The general daily output includes 500kg, 1000kg, etc. A small palm oil refining machine is an ideal choice for small and medium-scale oil refineries.

Crude palm oil vS. refined palm oil

  • In terms of processing technology, primary palm oil is obtained after palm pulp is boiled, crushed and squeezed in the crude palm oil (CPO). Refined palm oil is the first-class food-grade palm oil after removing phospholipids, free fatty acids, natural pigments and odors from crude palm oil.
  • In terms of oil composition, the saturated acid of refined palm oil accounts for 40% ~ 50%, of which 80% is palmitic acid; The content of free fatty acids in crude palm oil (CPO) is high, generally about 10%, up to more than 30%.

Refined palm oil advantages

  • The participation of refined oil equipment can change the color of palm oil products and make the quality of refined palm oil more bright, clear and pure.
  • It can improve the flavor of oil products and make the refined palm oil more suitable for consumers’ taste.
  • The refined oil can be stored for a long time and the oil will not quickly deteriorate during consumption.

Introduction to palm oil refining equipment

In the refining oil equipment process, degumming is to hydrate degumming and separate oil and grease: deacidification is to remove free fatty acids from oil; decolorization is to remove the pigment and impurities in the oil; deodorization is to remove the special flavor contained in the oil and make the oil flavor more distinctive.

Small scale palm oil refinery machine
Small Scale Palm Oil Refinery Machine

Oil refining plant types

Oil refining equipment can be divided into three types: intermittent refining oil equipment, semi-continuous refining oil equipment and full continuous refining oil equipment.

small scale palm oil refining machine

The working process of small palm oil refining equipment mainly includes crude oil – degumming (water washing) – deacidification (alkali refining) – decolorization (clay adsorption) – dehydration (heating and drying) – refined oil. Some palm oil products may need to add other processes, such as deodorization and dewaxing; The oil processed by the palm oil refinery machine is transparent and can be stored for a long time without sedimentation. After cooking, the oil has no foam and fume. It meets the edible oil standard and can be directly filled and sold. It is suitable for the processing of small oil processing plants.

Small oil refining machine
Small Oil Refining Machine

Features of small palm oil refining machine

  • Moderate investment and quick return
  • With 304 food grade high quality steel, durable, long service life
  • By adopting the technology, save 5% loss every day
  • Customized services can be offered according to customer demand,
  • Rasonable design scheme and space-saving
  • Electric control, simple operation, saving manpower
  • Multiple uses. Also suitable for refining the other kinds of oil, like sesame oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, corn germ oil, tea seed oil, etc.

Technical data (300L)

Materialstainless steel
Processing rangeDegumming, deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization
Oil pump power0.55kw+0.75kw
Heating Power13.5kw
Capacity300L per 12-13 hours

Note: This is one of our models of palm oil refinery equipment. We offer various models to meet customers need and can customize the machine for special needs.