Small oil press equipment combines the advantages of domestic and foreign oil presses. From the market point of view, small size, low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high oil yield, long service life, real small oil press equipment, corn oil press equipment It is now in volume production. Small oil press equipment performance and features: 1. Small size, small footprint, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate, no special requirements for operators. 2. During use, low power consumption and low cost. 3. Compared with the general two-piston pump station, save power by 30%. 4. Small-scale oil press equipment belongs to hydraulic press, high pressure, high oil yield and good oil quality. 5. Adopt automatic control system, preheating temperature automatic control, hydraulic system pressure automatic control. 6. The main components are made of imported high-quality silicon saw steel equipped with CNC precision lathe and modern high-tech.

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