Peanut sheller

Peanut sheller1

Application of peanut sheller:

The process of peanut oil extraction can be divided into the following parts: peanut shelling-peanut baking-peanut extracting oil, which are the three main parts. Next we are going to talk about the part of the shell – the peanut sheller.

Peanut shelling machine is specially designed for peeling peanuts.

Working principles of peanut sheller machine:

Firstly, after the peanut sheller is started normally, the peanuts are continuously placed in the feed port, and the friction is continuously rubbed by the rollers. Finally, the peanuts and the broken peanut shells will pass through different sieve holes to complete the process of peanut shelling.

Peanut sheller 4 Peanut shelling 5

Video of peanut shelling machine

Technical Data of groundnut shelling machine:

Model TZ-800
Capacity 800kg/h
Shelling ratio 95%
Crushing ratio 3%
Clean ratio 98%
Loss ratio 0.3%
Motor 4kw
Weight 330kg(without motor weight)
Dimension 1520*1060*1660mm

Machines involved in peanut oil production Line

The following are the machines involved in peanut oil production Line:

Peanut sheller–peanut roasting mahchine–Screw Oil press machine–Oil filter

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