Oil press, home must-have choice

Oil press with conveyor

Oil is an essential part of our daily lives. With oil, you can cook. Especially in Chinese cuisine, oil plays a very important role. However, some acquisitions are not so simple. Before the introduction of the oil press, everyone used a very complicated method and the oil utilization rate was very low. With the development …

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Why is the oil-filled steel material of the oil press must be good?

Plate and frame oil filter

The quality of the steel material is very strict, and the quality requirements of the steel materials required for the pressing are more stringent. (1) Different machines and different parts in the remanufacturing machine are made of different steel materials. The steel material of the oil press is also following this principle. The oil press …

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Taizy oil press

Automatic hydraulic oil press machine

The oil press refers to a machine that squeezes oil out of the oil by increasing the temperature and activating the oil molecules by means of mechanical external force. Peanut is a kind of crop with high oil content. Its internal oil is surrounded by a closed film in the form of spheres or granules. …

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