How To Deal With The Shutdown Of Commercial Screw Oil Press?

During the operation, some users may encounter the situation of the sudden shutdown of screw oil press machine occasionally. Here is an introduction of how to deal with the shutdown situations.

commercial screw oil press

The commercial screw oil press is specially used for hot pressing and cold pressing all kinds of oil-bearing crops. When pressed by the screw oil press machine, the oil yield is high, the residual oil of the cake is low, and the processed oil has light color, good quality, and rich nutrition. The screw-driven oil press is widely used in the oil processing industry. During the operation, some users may encounter the situation of the sudden shutdown of the machine occasionally. Do you know how to deal with the shutdown of the screw oil expeller?

First of all, it is advisable to pay attention to operating the machine correctly in strict accordance with the machine instructions.

1. If the commercial screw oil press machine stops for a long time during the pressing process, first cut off the power supply. Then it is needed to disassemble the press chamber, and pull out the press screw shaft. Then clean the raw materials in the hopper, pour out the oil cakes, and then reinstall the screw shaft on the machine. At this time, the machine can operate normally.

2. In case of an emergency shutdown of the oil press due to power failure or other reasons, cut off the power supply first. Draw out the discharge baffle to discharge the material. Then pull the large V-belt pulley reversely by hand to exit the spiral shaft. If the screw shaft does not move, loosen the compression nut, remove the upper press cage and try to loosen the press ring. Then pull out the screw shaft and clean the press chamber of the oil press. Note: do not start the machine again without complete cleaning.

Screw oil expeller
Screw Oil Expeller


1. Do not turn the screw-driven oil press in the reverse direction. This operation will seriously affect the service life of the machine. Even if the machine seems not damaged, it will still affect the machine in the long run.

2. Be sure to clean the machine before running it. Do not start the machine without cleaning.

3. When the oil press is powered off, it needs to turn the screw forward and backward many times to take out the residue in the press chamber, and then operate normally again.