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Centrifugal oil filter


Description of oil filter

The vertical centrifugal oil filter adopts a safety protection device, so that the rotating body does not leave the motor connected body when rotating at a high speed. The thoughtful and meticulous design makes the machine run smoothly, with high safety performance and excellent filtering effect.








Working principle

Centrifugal oil filter using the principle of high-speed rotation of its centrifugal head,eparating the oil, water, and impurities in the lubricating oil according to different centrifugal force.












  1. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the ground pin and prohibit reverse.
  2. the oil needs to be added with salt, water, hydration and then filtered.
  3. Can not be disassembled, smashed the machine.
  4. Fill the oil tank side with oil hole, add 2~3 times of cooking oil every day to prevent dry grinding bearings.
  5. The connecting bolts of the machine and the oil filter barrel need to be tightened for a period of time to prevent loose oil leakage.
  6. If the oil leakage of the oil filter is found, check that the bottom of the inner oil separator in the inner barrel and the middle O-ring of the motor shaft are not pressed. You can use the seal or raw tape to press and tighten the bolt, but not too tight.
  7. We hope that customers can strictly check the various parts of the machine according to the operation instructions.











Main parameters:

Model Power Capacity Diameter Depth Feed inlet


Feed hopper


Feed hopper


Weight Dimension Filter time
TZ-40 1.5kw 400kg/h 370mm 190mm 155mm 230mm 85mm 80kg 530x750x780mm 3mins
TZ-50 1.5kw 500kg/h 500mm 360mm 165mm 350mm 115mm 130kg 690x870x750mm
TZ-60 1.5kw 600kg/h 555mm 360mm 165mm 350mm 115mm 150kg 760x950x100mm
TZ-80 2.2kw 800kg/h 600mm 360mm 170mm 350mm 115mm 170kg 830x980x100mm

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