Why is the oil-filled steel material of the oil press must be good?

The quality of the steel material is very strict, and the quality requirements of the steel materials required for the pressing are more stringent.
(1) Different machines and different parts in the remanufacturing machine are made of different steel materials. The steel material of the oil press is also following this principle. The oil press has been working at a higher temperature and requires good heat resistance and quality. Excellent, precise technology, high carbon steel, high frequency quenching and heat treatment, high hardness, high strength, good wear resistance, suitable for high temperature and high pressure continuous operation, improve the service life of the oil press, the use time can be For decades.

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(2) The oil press equipment has reasonable pressing and high oil output rate, and adopts the principle of multi-stage propulsion and progressive pressurization, so that the pressure of the pressing press is rapidly increased, so that the oil material is separated and split at one time, and then the infrared temperature control system is adopted, and the automatic control is adopted. Pressing temperature and moisture, the oil directly softens and activates the oil molecules, the pressing is stable, and the oil is extracted at one time, which greatly improves the oil yield. Each oil press has the same working track. What is the structure of the oil press? How does the press of the oil press work? Many oil press operators are not clear.
(3) Classification of oil presses, the screw press is a machine that continuously pushes the blanks in the press and extracts the oil under dynamic extrusion. In addition to the feeding hopper, the main part of the pressing is composed of a single screw shaft and a cylindrical squeeze cage. There are two types of single-press and two-stage press. The single-stage has only one horizontal press, and the double-stage is added. A straight squeeze for a * level press. The screw shaft is composed of a plurality of pressing screws and a ring set on the shaft. Each snail has a certain pitch and screw depth, and the pitch of each snail on one shaft is gradually shortened from the feed port to the discharge port, and the screw depth is gradually shallowened, so that the squeezing volume gradually increases from the inlet to the outlet. Reduced. This is the squeeze of the oil press, the work is very important, so the majority of operators should pay attention to use.

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