Special precautions when screwing oil press

How do we protect ourselves from the sudden events of the machine when we use the oil press? (1) It is forbidden to enter foreign matter into the press, and it is strictly forbidden to use the hand or iron rod to feed the material inside the hopper. (2) When the machine is stuck, it …

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Small oil press manufacturers

The small oil press retains the advantages of small and compact, and adopts the electromechanical design. After high-frequency quenching process, high carbon steel is applied to the material of the oil extraction equipment. The tighter seal also ensures the hygiene of the production process. It is possible to flexibly master and control the oil production …

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Power small oil press

The small oil press has two spirals with teeth, strong conveying capacity, high breaking rate and high pressure. It is suitable for high-temperature and low-temperature one-time pressing of various oil seeds, and the residual oil rate is extremely low. High-strength design, high-quality steel manufacturing, sturdy and durable, easy to operate, low failure rate. Small oil …

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Small oil extraction equipment production process

Small oil press equipment combines the advantages of domestic and foreign oil presses. From the market point of view, small size, low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high oil yield, long service life, real small oil press equipment, corn oil press equipment It is now in volume production. Small oil press equipment performance and …

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