Nowadays, people’s demand for high-quality edible oil is increasing. The cooking oil refining machine (edible oil refining plant) is an efficient solution for the mass production of high-grade oil. Edible oil refinery equipment is used to purify the primarily pressed oil to improve its oil quality and meet the sales standard. For a starter in this industry, investing in small scale refining oil can be an option. Edible oil refining is to remove impurities in crude oil and improve the grade of oil through hydration, degumming, deacidification, decolorization, and deodorization by heating and stirring. The cooking oil refinery equipment is suitable for a wide variety of oil, like peanut oil, rapeseed oil, tea seed oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, sesame oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, and other edible oils. Here is an introduction of the cooking oil refining units and the things worthy of consideration for starting an oil refining business.

Characteristics of cooking oil refining machine

  • The refining process is advanced and the final processed oil has high quality.
  • High degree of automation, saving labor and time.
  • It is suitable for refining a variety of oils and is conducive to a variety of business development.
  • The yield is diverse. It can meet the needs of a variety of output.

3 things needed to consider before investing in edible oil refining business

1. What Oil To choose for Refining?

The choice of oil for refining affects the benefits of the oil refinery. First, you need to find out what oil you want to refine. Common oils in edible oil refineries include sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, corn germ oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil, etc. You should consider comprehensively according to your local oil price, the planting area of oil raw materials, and market demand for refined oil, so as to bring yourself economic benefits.

Cooking oil of different types 1
Cooking Oil Of Different Types 1

2. how is the investment budget?

The investment budget determines the scale and level of the cooking oil refinery. Manufacturers with sufficient investment budget can set up a large cooking oil refining machine with high production capacity, good refining effect, and high economic benefit. Starters with limited budget costs can consider investing in small and medium-sized edible oil refineries to meet the actual processing needs and accumulate industry experience.

3. how to choose edible oil refining equipment and manufaturer?

It is very important to select a suitable set of cooking oil refining machine. Several major factors need to be considered such as output, process, material, and so on. Besides, for the selection of cooking oil refining equipment manufacturers, it is also needed to pay attention to several aspects.

1. The strength of cooking oil refining equipment manufacturers

Powerful edible oil refining equipment manufacturers have more guarantee in quality and process, and the refined oil quality is better. The scale and development history of the manufacturer can test the strength of an edible oil refining equipment manufacturer.

2. Pervious transaction cases and customers’ feedback

Oil refining equipment manufacturers provide customers with professional and appropriate solutions according to customers’ requirements such as output, oil grade, raw material characteristics, and budget, combined with other factors such as the location and production environment of the oil plant.

3. After-sales service of edible oil refinery equipment suppliers

For the operation of edible oil refining equipment, after-sales service shall be guaranteed. Professional and responsible edible oil refining equipment manufacturers will be very concerned about the performance and work efficiency of their equipment, and they can solve buyers’ problems in time when customers have problems, so as to reduce production losses caused by equipment failures or processes.